Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ivory Pumpkin / Beuaty Flows / Nicola Tom Designs

OK this post has taken too long, please accept my humble apologies! I am combining one thank you and two promises here, and I know they are overdo.. but please do enjoy the work of these artists!

from Ivory Pumpkin - Check these out!

Thank you!

OK lets just state that I LOVE getting things in the mail so receiving this package was a thrill in itself! Many thanks for the beautiful necklace and fridge magnet we won from the Ivory Pumpkin giveaway during Halloween - check out Joane's website here! I do hope she got away with trick or treating this year as we are all young at heart - may we never grow up so much that we lose the magic!
We are enjoying these Joane!

Promise No 1


essential picture of eternity

delirious bitter cool blue scream

frantic storm, elaborate symphony

timeless vision of beauty

delicate winter gown

~ L Moore March, 2010 ~

Tammie's lovely painting Forest of Dreams at Beauty Flows

reminded me so much of this poem I wrote earlier this year that I commented to Tammie on it and promised I would post it for her to see. Tammie is an amazing painter and writes poetry with her art as I often do - check out her website for some wonderful art!

Promise No 2

The second promise I am fulfilling today is posting these two artists whom I enjoy for Nicola at Nicola Toms Designs because I said I would! I love all three of these artists' styles

Singing Bird card by Anne Baird

This card which I bought at this years Harmony Arts Festival and love is painted by Anne Baird at Goddess Cards - it reminds me so much of Nicola Tom's Immoveable and yet they are also so different. Nicholas Tom is at Nicholas Tom's Designs and her art is outstanding - do take a peak

by Claire Kujundzic 1988

This is an amazing print by Clair Kujundzic I bought many years ago when I was working through post partum depression, it also reminds me of Nicola's style, similar yet again so completely different - I love that about art! Just a note this print by was a fund raiser (and is now the logo) for the Pacific Post Partum Support Society which is an amazing resource

should one need it!

There we go - some lovely work for everyone to enjoy!
Do check out the links!

Have a Great Day!


  1. Hello dear Lenora,
    A lovely post full of wonderful arts. You are so kind to post your poem for me. And a wonderful poem it is! Really you have a gift with words.
    Thank you for you kind mention of my art, you have touched my heart.
    Wishing you a lovely evening and beyond.

  2. These artists are really great!

  3. Oh wow thank you for posting this, I see what you mean about these artists,I'd never heard of them before but I really love their work! Thank you for your kind mention of my work too! :0)

    Thank you for sharing :0)

  4. You are most welcome for your necklace and magnet. I hope you enjoy them! Thanks for the shout out too!


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