Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Heather!

birthday girl

look me straight in the
eye, and tell me it is so..

she sees right through you.

'Our art is an expression of the divine within
exquisite joy, unravelling of darkness' ~ L C T

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Friday, March 9, 2012


St Paul by T Moore

My son is a doer.. he wants to do everything! As he grows he is learning first hand that we have to make choices. These are hard lessons for him, nothing i need teach him, because he desires to learn so much, he simply runs out of time and has to choose..

and yes, i get it..

I will need a hundred life times to complete my to do list / i ache too, to do it all; to practice glazing until true luminosity reveals itself, to dance with technique, to dance with abandon, to cook, to parent.. to laugh harder and more often, to fly with the wind and not just visit but really live.. not just to dabble, but to travel the interiors of these many arts, to learn them in more detail and with more depth, to practice along side the masters.. to experience and learn more..

life lessons, always growing..

Probably more suited to Michaelmas, I found this among my sons papers at his desk with his homework..

Always refreshing, the optimism of youth..

my son, the seeker..

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Sunday Sketches at blue chair dairy

Have a Great day!

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