Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're Back!!

Sooo sorry.. we have missed you all! This last week has been a whirlwind of competitions and obligations and Sunday Sketches was simply out of reach, but we are back at it!

Albert E by T Moore age 13

This fabulous exercise is by my 13 year old son, the photo half is on the right and his sketch is the portion on the left (in case you could not choose :-) !! I love it!

Mary by T Moore and C Moore ages 13 and 11

To recap some Easter projects you missed, here are some Cascarones, those little egg pinatas we make every Easter.

Greek Easter buns, using traditional onion skin dyeing. The children make these most years and deliver them to family and friends!

As for the Royal Wedding,
I have to say some of those hats were killing me!
Love the bride and her sister though!
Not to mention the wee flower girls!

Happy Spring (still cold here though!) Happy Sunday!

More sketches with Sophia at BlueChairDiary!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Buy Quakebook! Japan

Cheese Girl by C Moore age 11

My daughter and I have been doodling girls.
Not sure where we were going with these but we will see :-)

Queens of Hearts

Also wanted to mention this cool project, Quakebook,
completed in a week by Blog Artists like all of you!
All proceeds to Red Cross Japan Relief! Its a really fabulous art idea!

With all the new social technology at our finger tips - its gives me hope to see what people are doing with it. In the world as it is today it is great to know how many good people there are out there! Maybe one day there really will be peace on earth!


Mary by S B age 11

With that in mind my daughter's friend, age 11 used his mom's ipad to draw this techno finger painting for a 'Mary" collage..
we thought the results were pretty cool!

Check out more sketch art at Blue Chair Diary


For the Brave Girls Club, 100 Awesome Things
hosted by Keep me in Stitches

Water is Awesome
The mountain snow here is still Awesome,
making for Awesome April ski days like today!

Have a great, great day!!

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