Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mary and the Flight to Egypt by C Moore age 10

We are making the class card for Grade 5.
This is my daughter's wonderful sketch for that card.

The following fabulous sketches are guest artists
age 9 and 10 for the same card!

I love the whimsy a child brings to their art,
as an adult it is hard to mimic!

Red Candle age 10

Nativity age 10

Advent age 10

I have just finished putting together this Advent wreath made by the families of grade 5. Each envelope has an advent poem, prayer or message - one is to be opened and read each day.

Happy Advent - 26 Days to Christmas,
But really, who's counting?! Yikes!!

Please do visit the other artists and their sketches at BlueChairDiary


  1. Oh, what beautiful pieces! They should be very proud of their work!

  2. Great sketches everyone! So much inspiration at this time of year....

  3. I love advent and so glad you chose it for this Sunday's theme. Great job and very inspirational. Thanks for all the great words on my blog this week. You made me smile.

  4. smiles. these are all beautiful and center the holidays where it needs to be...we lit the candle today...

  5. Hi! The advent wreath is a wonderful idea. I love it. and you are so right, there is something about the whimsy of a child's artwork, that i just adore too...i do love seeing all of the artwork by kids, it's just so real. they would all be sweet cards, too.
    enjoy your family today, and are SO talented! just like your mom!

  6. Wonderful sketches!! I agree about the whimsy of children's sketches--it is so lovely. I love that advent wreath too, what a great idea! Have a wonderful Sunday :) ~Lauren

  7. It's an interesting thought about a child's whimsical drawings. Yes, they are so hard to mimic as we grow older, but such fun to do them!! Your daughter's picture of Mary is so lovely - what a special card it will make.

  8. Wow and you are right. The childs hand has a n innocence and yet such maturity that many an artist tried to copy throught the ages

  9. hi my lovely lenora! happy to come back to sunday sketches!!!
    congratulations to all of you for your wonderful art but special congratulations to your daughter for her beautiful and so warm drawing!!!!

  10. I also love the whimsy of children's art!
    Such a lovely post as always, each and every piece.

  11. Your advent wreath is absolutely beautiful, Lenora!! Wow. You did a great job.

    And I agree with the childlike faith/spirit that comes out in a child's art/drawings. Priceless and many times....humbling.


  12. thank you for the wonderful art and the reminder....

  13. I love seeing sketch from little kids. They really capture the feel of the season. So cute. I love your wreath!

  14. The star on the stable is delightful. Happy sketching. : )

  15. Beautiful Advent sketches and wreath! (I love seeing chlidren's drawings - I completely agree about the whimsy!)


  16. Cool! Here's mine


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