Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pink Dreamer Birthday

Happy Birthday

to the Extraordinary Pink Dreamer

Here's my Party Piece and my Sunday Sketch!

There are so many Birthday's in November among my friends!
Do Scorpio's attract Scorpio's?

Well here's a birthday card for all you Scorpios
- it's called celebrate and its in your honour!

I am making this for all my November Birthday friends
With much love, much joy and many thanks
for all you are and all you will be!
Lets take take the day and celebrate you!

I wish you Fun, Joy and Love!

χρόνια πολλά

¡feliz cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Quick Tutorial:

Quick sketch or not depending on our personality..

I gathered things I already had in the house, no shopping here, what's this stash of stored bits and bobs for anyway? It is a beautiful day and I really wanted to use red. Strong, simple colours, red, black, white! I found some beautiful textured red paper left over from another project, just waiting to be used!

Glue the red card stock to a piece of delicious, textured, white, handmade paper i have been keeping for something special..

As the card stock is deep red and already embossed, I simply grabbed some favorite stamps and stamped the red with gold. Be sure to layer the stamps over both the red and the white papers for effect. Stars, I love stars, magic, celebration!

I like black with red and gold so looked for black and white patterned paper that appealed - these wonderful prints are simply torn from magazines - one was an ironing board cover photo and as the shape lent itself to a dress or body I moved towards making people. As usual it couldn't just be any people, I always veer toward fairies, angels, icons, kitch. For a Pink Dreamer party, well it had to be witches or fairies! And all fairies need crowns; more magazine paper black and whites - part of a models skirt becomes a crown simply because the print works!

Bodies need faces, I sketched one, then two; two faces fine lined and water coloured..

Wings from white with sheet music snippets glued on..

Embellish with feathers and bindis and stickers with glitter!

Hmmm, looks like a scroll now - what shall I use top and bottom of my scroll, the faces that came to me were of Asian decent, so chop sticks - I have a lovely collection in the kitchen, we can spare two!

Stamp some bright red ribbon with the word celebrate as that is what we are doing and embellish embroidery floss with glass beads and charms and attach them on each side..

Add some bells for balance and to add to the senses!

Ta da! A wonderful birthday card with you all in mind!

Lets take take the day
and celebrate you!

xxxx L

A special Happy Birthday to our Birthday hostess at a Pink Dreamer.
To view more gifts and wishes click here!

Many thanks to our Sunday Sketches Hostess
Sophia at BlueChairDiary.
to view more sketches click here!


  1. thank you lenora and kids!!!!you are so kind and generous!!!
    the extraordinary pink dreamer loves you!

  2. this is very sweet. thank you for your comment and visit today:)

  3. Good morning and thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. nice. i like the comination of textures and elements...

  5. Well, it might not be my birthday this month, but it sure is a nice card!!

  6. It is a lovely card. Very original , love the sticks!

  7. I'm now pretending my birthday is in Nov. and thanks for the Sunday Sketches welcome

  8. Lenorita, πολύ όμορφη η κατασκευή σου, γεμάτη φαντασία και συναίσθημα..

  9. creative birthday card, I like the wings - they sing of possibilities

  10. This is a great card and a wonderful tribute to birthday friends Lenorita! I love how creative you are. Happy Birthday to all the november babies out there!


  11. Happy birthday to a pink dreamer. she is such a cutie. :)

    Love your card. What a fab job. You should do more of those. :)

  12. Lovely Birthday greetings. Happy birthday to you as well. I also want to thank you for stopping by and for all your great ideas for my sketchbook.

  13. Hello Lenora,
    your card is amazing,i love the way you used all these things, your friends must be very happy with your wishes and birthday card, our friend Pinkdreamer too!!!
    Thank you very much for your visit to my blog and i'm really happy you liked my painting :)

  14. What a gorgeous card. The collage effect with those colors really comes out nice! How wonderful and full of energy...Happy Birthday to YOU, and all of the other Scorpios out there!

  15. ah, such a lovely celebration post! Happy Birthday indeed! And such a beautiful card.

    I look forward to your poem....

  16. Today is my daughter's birthday...I'll let her know about your birthday wishes!! Nice card too!

  17. Wonderful card! Beautifully done and such fun!

  18. Such wonderful details on this card! (Very lucky November Birthday friends!)

    Happy Birthday to you!


  19. Hello Lenora! Your blog is amazing! Have a nice day and week!!

  20. very nice blog..!!!
    I'm very happy that because of our common friend sweet Eleni, meet each either...
    have a nice week...-:))

  21. I love your blog name Senorita :)

    Thanks for the comment and thanks for the card tutorial as well

  22. Hi Lenorita!!! Your gift to Eleni is amazing! Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to come and visit again! I became a follower!


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