Friday, August 27, 2010

Camp Art / Sunday Sketches?

We were camping and didn't get a lot of sketching done though we brought our supplies..
but we did do this camp art - all ready to float on the lake when the fire alert is decreased!!

"Camping Art" Lumiere by C Moore age 10

more "Camping Art" Lumiere by T Moore age 13

See you all next week! Check out the talent at Blue Chair Diary!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bird Art / Sunday Skeches

A bird on the head is worth two in the hand

T Moore Age 13

Birds in a Row; Awesome Birdies by C Moore age 10

Having some fun with doodles and pastels here! Happy Sunday and have a great week! Thanks again Sophia - don't forget to check out the other sketches at Blue Chair Diary

- why don't you join in the fun!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Splatter Tutorial

Splatter by T Moore and Friends ages 8 to 14

In the style of Pollock my son and his friends have created this wonderful splatter!
Follow the progression below..

Choose a general colour scheme and splatter the first few colours..

Add paint and colour..

More paint, more colour! Stop when you feel you are done!

Have fun, fun, fun! Use brushes, balloons, toothbrushes, cotton rags, peas shooters, sponges!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pears / Sunday Sketches

Pear by T Moore age 13

Love this! - Santa gifted the children with an antique type writer one year. The type writer had been owned by a author, Santa wrote, and had a handmade clay heart in the case. A story there we are sure. The children still love that type writer. Children of all ages are fascinated when they come over - it is always in use!

My son was not sure if this counted as a sketch by I think so!
Type writer art!

Pears by me - seaside 2 hr water colour course

I was happier with the first than the second - the very basic sketch was then water coloured - I can see that water colour would be a whole lot of fun to explore! Positive space, negative space. Harmony Arts presented a short taster, just 2 hours and my daughter and I signed up, while my son sailed the ocean in our view!

Pears by C Moore age 10

My daughter liked her first better than her second, but I like both!

Check out more fabulous Sunday Sketches
with Sophia of Blue Chair Diary here!

have a blissful Sunday! xxxx L

Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Family Rhythm

August Family Rhythm
outdoors, camping, biking, sailing, swimming!

If you have not followed this blog before these monthly planning pages lay out a general structure for each month in our home; including a theme and seasonal table, a way to wake, a table candle blessing, a couple of projects and a verse for going to sleep. These are our goals, the follow up varies from great to imperfect but having the plan helps it to happen and helps bring rhythm to our days! We just keep on trying :-)

August Festival / Theme / Seasonal Table

We had to say goodbye to a mom from school this week; cancer, that disease which picks and choose those to take quickly, those to take slowly, those to allow to live on within its grip. Surreal for the community, sadder still for the family, the children involved. I can never make sense of moms taken young, I cannot imagine a reason, a path that makes it ok. I cannot reconcile the children's loss.

But that is not what this entry is about, i am distracted.. our August table will burn a candle for this mom to wish her safe passage wherever she has gone, to remind us that death is part of the circle of life. It will have sunflowers which all mothers like and which bring sunshine and joy with their faces. It will have seed pods because my son has found some beauties!

Wake Up Song
Way up in the sky, the little birds fly,
while down in their nest the little birds rest
with a wing to the left and a wing to the right
the sweet little birdies sleep all through the night,
shhh (quiet), they're sleeping (loud)
the bright sun comes out the birdies awake,
good morning, good morning the little birds say
~ camp

Breakfast Verse
"I help my mother, I sweep the floor, I set the table, I run to the store.
I beat the eggs, sift flour for cake and then we eat the good things we make.
Blessings on our meal today!
~ author unknown to me

Bedtime Song
Train Whistle Blowing to be continued from last month. To be honest we have not had a lot of bedtime singing with the summer routine, camping and traveling and summer laziness; seems there should have been more not less, but there was all but none, and so the children are asking ofr singing at bed and particularly this song.

August Projects
We don't really have specific projects for summer - the goal being to relax the schedule.. however we are still busy, busy with our own projects, I see knitting in one child's hands and lots of reading. We continue Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary with Sophia and gang, check it our here.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Musing / Sunday Sketches

T Moore age 13 (c) 2010

July, long hazy days of summer, camping, water sport, sleeping under the stars, beach time, reading, napping under the trees..

C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

wildlife, owls, hawks, jays, gopher, chipmunks, squirrel, deer, coyote, bear..

L Moore 2010

August, happy anniversary :-) started working on this figurative card - need to sort out those hands, espcially the top, male one, yikes!

This week we each drew the piece of summer that was on our mind today..

Check out more Sunday Sketches here and so many thanks
to Sophia at Blue Chair Diary for taking the time to host!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harmony Arts Festival - Artist Sharka Leigh!

this week is the fabulous

Harmony Arts Festival!

Don't forget to check out Sharka (my sisterin-law)
and all the other great local artists!

Sharka is on the studio tour - both her home studio 1361 Hope Rd on Sunday August 1st from 12 to 5pm and her group studio 195 Pemberton on Sunday August 8th from 12 to 5pm
so please stop by for a glass of vino and say hello!

Her group studio is at 195 Pemberton on the left as you drive toward the water. She is upstairs, turn right as soon as you get to the top of the steps or ask any artist for Sharka!

Enjoy some great Vancouver talent and support the arts!

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