Wednesday, April 28, 2010

May Family Goals and Rhythm

If you have not followed this blog before these monthly planning pages lay out a general structure for each month in our home; including a theme and seasonal table, a way to wake, a table candle blessing, a couple of projects and a verse for going to sleep. These are our goals, the follow up varies from great to imperfect but having the plan helps it to happen and helps bring rhythm to our days! We just keep on trying :-)

May Festival / Theme: Mayfair, Mary, Mothers, Spring!
May is the festival of Mary, celebration of mothering, the May pole, hopefully some warming of the weather! May was my Grandmother's name and is playful and joyous!

Seasonal Table - Spring
Treasures from the children, vases of flowers, colourful rocks, shells, whatever is joyous to you and brings the spring indoors! May is mayfair, maypole; we have a maypole dancer mobile to hang. May is Mary, flowers, blue. May is spring, it can be simple flowers, seeds, rocks..

Breakfast Verse
Let us keep our minds sharp and our bodies strong and give us the wisdom to know right from wrong, blessings on our meal today.
from Breakfast Blessing by D.L Sundheim

Waking Song
Snowdrops, snowdrops, little drops of snow,
what do you do when the cold wind blows?
Hide our little heads and say,
cold winds, cold winds, go away.
Snowdrops, snowdrops, dressed in green and white,
what do you do when the sun shines bright?
Shake our little bells and sing,
ting-a-ling, ting-a-ling, here's the spring.

Bedtime Song or Verse
This month a favorite from my son. Puff the Magic Dragon! Its been ages since I sang this, we sang it a lot when my son was wee, love it!

May Project 1 Year End Teacher Cards
The children choose a drawing they made this year - both of mine want to use their St Michael and the Dragon drawings from the fall. I take them down to Staples and use the colour photocopy to make several copies in a card type size (shrink or enlarge as needed). Children and I cut out the pictures and glue them to a background decorative paper or use on their own, then to card stock; we use Strathmore Ivory Deckle prefolded art cards. Some years each child also writes a verse, poem or prayer and types it up to be printed several times and glued inside the cards. The children use their own picture and verse for their homeroom teachers and sign those just from themselves, then use one or the others drawing and poem for other teachers and staff in the school - we may use C's picture for Art and PE and T's cards for Theater and Music for example, they both sign them - don't forget the janitors! Now we are set for June and Year End!

March Project 2 Year End Teacher Gifts
Children and I are still working out what? The children have considered paperweights (rocks) with their drawings transferred onto them, more involved, a book of their poetry illustrated with their pictures from the year (here we'd use blurb or other self publisher - but do we have time for this - is this perhaps more suitable to the final year of elementary school - Grade seven? I like the rocks :-) Will add this once we know what we are doing - children coming up with the idea is part of the project.

Great joy and happy Spring!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sketches - Frida

This week for Sunday Sketches we did a wee study of Frida Khalo.
I did two sketches, the children did one each..

Frida Kahlo represents so much about women, about people;
about suffering and anger, happiness and fear

Funny, I don't love her art, but I love her story; her rebellion,
her struggle, her strength; that crazy, spiraling sense of self

I love the flowers, and I always seem to draw
her happiness, despite her pain

La caja del tesoro C Moore age 10 (c)2010

T Moore age 12 (c)2010

El amor felix de Frida. El carazon del Frida. La caja del Tesoro.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Great Mother (Earth)

Mother Earth by C Moore age 5 (c)2005

Earth Day!

I love getting out in my own little piece of dirt and seeing that while we cocoon away the winter, mother earth just keeps on doing her thing..

drag the family or yourself out of doors!

get your hands in the dirt, pull weeds
plant seeds, tend your veggie garden or start one,
a planter garden works
herbs are easy in a terracotta pot
get out in the sunshine,
or a walk in the woods on a rainy day works too
go to the beach, no matter the weather, collect shells
walk along a river

its way to easy to spend hours indoors, especially with all our techy entertainment. Oxygen is good for the body and good for the soul, connects us with home, our planet

My Garden

A bee was going 'round and 'round with me
As I drew my garden. He was
Buzzing and spinning, dancing with me
Making me one of his friends

by T Moore, age 3 (C) Earth Day 2001

Happy Earth Day all!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday Sketches - Cleopatra!

We have just discovered Sunday Sketches on Sophia's Blue Chair Diary!! We love it - both children and I will be submitting whenever our muse takes us. So here is our first submission and we have all posted a quick sketch of Cleopatra, mine is above, the children's follow!

C Moore age 10 Cleopatra (c)2010

T Moore age 12 Cleopatra (c)2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Looking For Beauty in The Daily; The Busy

Such a busy month for those in the arts, or with children in the arts. We have competitions in dance, music, public speaking, sports and.. here comes school year end! But it's all good. I just have to build in the down time for the children, and if I can for me. That one is harder these months of running around, drive here drive there, drive the same stretchof highway 10 times a day :-) back and forth, back and forth! So I am looking for the beauty,

the creative, in the daily things.

And its not too hard to find!

Continue looking around this view of my ironing for example.

Look closer,

there is tons of beauty here.

Ideas to store away for a future, or midnight artistic endeavor even;

I do love spring!

Monday, April 5, 2010


Cascarones - As promised here are the simple instructions.

Next time you make scrambled eggs, use a tack to poke a hole in on end of your egg. Chip out a dime size hole. Rinse the egg shell.


Decorate as you please. Dye, paint, glitter, stickers, drawings you've drawn etc.

Fill egg with a large pinch of confetti.

Cut about a foot of paper streamer and roll it into a flower. Twist the role together but leave large flower at the top.

Put white glue around the outside of the hole in the egg and secure the paper flower to cover the hole.

Ta da! Cascarone! Use for birthdays, Easter, any fiesta! Eggs are to broken above, not on (eggshells can be sharp, organic shells are quite hard) someones head and the contents sprinkled on them for good fortune!

April Project 1 complete and delivered to friends!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Bread Καλό πάσχ!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! No way I am blogging on Easter, so in my very organized fashion, this is all set to go, sitting in draft awaiting the photos. And here they are!

Greek Easter Bread - Καλό πάσχ! - Happy Easter!
Χριστός ανέστη! Αληθώς ανέστη!

So The question is, Greek or Swiss? We traded a loaf of our traditional home baked Easter bread; Greek Tsoureki, for a loaf of our friends home braided Swiss Easter Bread. We are not Greek though my mom can double as Nana Mouskouri, we were raised on her music, my brother looks just like many fo the boys on Crete and I met my husband in Malia. Anyway I segway, we used the traditional onion skin dying method to dye the eggs red. Would the breads be the same? Different? They look the same, they taste different. Greek is sweet, Swiss is savory.. both delicious!

Swiss Easter Braid - Schöni Oschtere! - Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's a Pysanka?

Ukrainian egg decorating. We are not Ukrainian as such, however our ancestors lived in the Ukraine after they left Germany, or was it Russia? They never considered themselves Ukrainian I know that - have to check the details!

Here is how we made Pysanka at home, however, as mentioned a fabulous source is

Blow eggs and wash, leave to dry and plug holes with a wee bit of beeswax (either use a tiny whole at each end and carefully blow the egg out - i find it hurts my jaw these days so i bought an egg pump from the fore mentioned web site).

Outline your egg with a pencil on the egg itself (or not).

Use your kistka (egg writing tool - a tool that is used to apply the beeswax, again check out the website mentioned or others) to draw traditional or other designs on the egg.

Submerse egg in dye no 1. Colours should be used in order yellow, green (with a Q-tip or toothpick) orange, red, purple, blue, black. You don't need to use all colours, just in that order the ones you do use. We only use 1 dark colour, purple, blue or black to simplify. Not sure why the green is applied differently rather than egg submersion but it is so :-)

After dyeing, dry egg with paper towel.

Decorate another layer with beeswax using your kistka. The wax locks in the last colour you dies wherever you apply it. This is a resist. The wax, resists the dye.

Continue until you have used all the colours you want - this can be 1 or several. Dry egg with paper towel after each colour.

Use the heat of a blow dryer and a paper towel to remove wax. Be careful not to burn yourself with hot wax!

Ta da! Your first Pysanka!

April Project no 2!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sharka's First Oil!

Check out Sharka Leigh's first oil; if you are unfamiliar with her acrylics there is also a link to her site on my side panel! Sharka is family so I love to show off her work too!

"Cherry Suite"

18" x 24" oil on canvas "

bendy building style" :-)

Heritage building, Victoria BC, circa 1890, St. Catherine's Street
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