Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Lot to Post!

OK we have a lot to post, the children have been actively sketching but I have some writing deadlines and the school and extracurricular Christmastide preparation has already begun - I can show you my silent auction items for ballet LOL!

But we have some great stuff here
- and a guest artists and writers too..

My daughter has been hard at work at her sketch book for the Sketchbook Project, her theme is the Greatest Story Ever Told and her main characters are frogs, but she says the ending ha a twist so we can all look forward to that!

The Little Frog That Could by C Moore age 10

Her aunt is a painter among other talents, and has two art shows over the next two weeks, we popped in to her studio and we really enjoyed some of her unfinished work - to stay on theme with frogs - here is auntie's under paint for a frog - we have suggested keeping it in the brown tones and doing a 2nd frog in green - she's thinking about it!

Frog, incomplete by Sharka Leigh 2010

My son is drawing characters that he is using in a platform game - could be a frog - but its not!

virtual games character by T Moore age 13

ok, I got a quick doodle based on my daughter's character from The Greatest Story Ever Told! Oops the frog prince resembles my husband as did my past knight! And two Silent Auction baskets complete today too! Yipee! Happy Days!

For more Sunday Sketches and adventures, check out Sophia's bountiful BlueChairDiary!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Well, I've been adventuring around your site - your link took me to some fabulous dragons which I somehow missed a few weeks ago, but I figured it wasn't quite the right place! There's obviously imagination bursting out all over the place in your house, so many great outputs this week :)

  2. Your daughter is doing the Sketchbook Project too? Wow! How great for her!

    Wonderful sketches everyone!

  3. what an artistic family you have...and loving the frog theme...cut little prince and princess...hanging onto my seat for the ending...smiles.

  4. Your daughter's frogs are wonderful, she is very talented as are your son and sister. How fun to have such a creative family.

  5. Your family is very talented! I love frogs! Isn't fun coming from a creative family. Nothing like it. So much fun!

  6. Wheww! As usual the artistic talent in your family amazes! Love the frogs, and the virtual character is too cute! Your sister is very talented too - wow!


  7. Wow, you guys are busy, great work!

  8. Hi! I love how artistic you and your family are! Ok, I must admit, I LOVE frogs. I would definitely keep it in the black and white tones, that looks so awesome like that!
    wonderful that she's doing the sketchbook project....terrific topic and she's doing a great job!!! big hugs to you - i always love seeing your posts and the creativity! xxoo

  9. OK. You've definitely been keeping yourself busy!! :) Loved catching up with you today and so sorry I've been scarce. Ugh.

    I love your daughter's idea of the Greatest Story Ever told...her froggies are SO cute. :)

    Love the featured artist...amazing painting. Wow!

    And your son's creative and made me smile.

    You and your entire fam ALWAYS make me smile from head to toe. Thank you!!

    Hugs. :)

  10. fun site...come and play at Whimsical Wednesday - more here:

  11. Your daughter is an awesome artist and how cool that she is a writer too! Love your sons ideas and sketch and your frog turned prince is adorable!

  12. Oh they are all wonderful :)
    What a talented family you have. It is really great to see your daughter doing the sketch book project.

  13. Lenora, your are lucky having such talented children!! All their sketches are lovely, the frogs are adorable :)
    I wish you the best and keep creating!!!

  14. I think all of this artwork is fabulous :)
    (I can't wait for the twist at the end of the greatest story ever told!)

    Good luck with the auction!


  15. so much wonderful art! Yea.SO fun to see the variety!


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