Saturday, November 27, 2010


Mary and the Flight to Egypt by C Moore age 10

We are making the class card for Grade 5.
This is my daughter's wonderful sketch for that card.

The following fabulous sketches are guest artists
age 9 and 10 for the same card!

I love the whimsy a child brings to their art,
as an adult it is hard to mimic!

Red Candle age 10

Nativity age 10

Advent age 10

I have just finished putting together this Advent wreath made by the families of grade 5. Each envelope has an advent poem, prayer or message - one is to be opened and read each day.

Happy Advent - 26 Days to Christmas,
But really, who's counting?! Yikes!!

Please do visit the other artists and their sketches at BlueChairDiary

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Saturday Snow

What a festive weekend we're having!

The magical Waldorf Christmas Fair at the local Waldorf School!
My daughter's beautiful ballet and banquet evening,
shining dancers, delicious food!

my Sunday Sketch

Waking to a glorious snow day, shrills of delight from the younger set!

Our Sunday sketches by a cozy fire,
later children sculpted theirs in ice!

snowman by C Moore age 10

mouse by T Moore age 13

Winter garden, flowers and herbs peek
from a snow feathered blanket!

Visions of skiing, snow shoeing; winter has begun!

For more fabulous work check out Sophia's Sunday Sketches
at Blue Chair Diary!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Lot to Post!

OK we have a lot to post, the children have been actively sketching but I have some writing deadlines and the school and extracurricular Christmastide preparation has already begun - I can show you my silent auction items for ballet LOL!

But we have some great stuff here
- and a guest artists and writers too..

My daughter has been hard at work at her sketch book for the Sketchbook Project, her theme is the Greatest Story Ever Told and her main characters are frogs, but she says the ending ha a twist so we can all look forward to that!

The Little Frog That Could by C Moore age 10

Her aunt is a painter among other talents, and has two art shows over the next two weeks, we popped in to her studio and we really enjoyed some of her unfinished work - to stay on theme with frogs - here is auntie's under paint for a frog - we have suggested keeping it in the brown tones and doing a 2nd frog in green - she's thinking about it!

Frog, incomplete by Sharka Leigh 2010

My son is drawing characters that he is using in a platform game - could be a frog - but its not!

virtual games character by T Moore age 13

ok, I got a quick doodle based on my daughter's character from The Greatest Story Ever Told! Oops the frog prince resembles my husband as did my past knight! And two Silent Auction baskets complete today too! Yipee! Happy Days!

For more Sunday Sketches and adventures, check out Sophia's bountiful BlueChairDiary!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ivory Pumpkin / Beuaty Flows / Nicola Tom Designs

OK this post has taken too long, please accept my humble apologies! I am combining one thank you and two promises here, and I know they are overdo.. but please do enjoy the work of these artists!

from Ivory Pumpkin - Check these out!

Thank you!

OK lets just state that I LOVE getting things in the mail so receiving this package was a thrill in itself! Many thanks for the beautiful necklace and fridge magnet we won from the Ivory Pumpkin giveaway during Halloween - check out Joane's website here! I do hope she got away with trick or treating this year as we are all young at heart - may we never grow up so much that we lose the magic!
We are enjoying these Joane!

Promise No 1


essential picture of eternity

delirious bitter cool blue scream

frantic storm, elaborate symphony

timeless vision of beauty

delicate winter gown

~ L Moore March, 2010 ~

Tammie's lovely painting Forest of Dreams at Beauty Flows

reminded me so much of this poem I wrote earlier this year that I commented to Tammie on it and promised I would post it for her to see. Tammie is an amazing painter and writes poetry with her art as I often do - check out her website for some wonderful art!

Promise No 2

The second promise I am fulfilling today is posting these two artists whom I enjoy for Nicola at Nicola Toms Designs because I said I would! I love all three of these artists' styles

Singing Bird card by Anne Baird

This card which I bought at this years Harmony Arts Festival and love is painted by Anne Baird at Goddess Cards - it reminds me so much of Nicola Tom's Immoveable and yet they are also so different. Nicholas Tom is at Nicholas Tom's Designs and her art is outstanding - do take a peak

by Claire Kujundzic 1988

This is an amazing print by Clair Kujundzic I bought many years ago when I was working through post partum depression, it also reminds me of Nicola's style, similar yet again so completely different - I love that about art! Just a note this print by was a fund raiser (and is now the logo) for the Pacific Post Partum Support Society which is an amazing resource

should one need it!

There we go - some lovely work for everyone to enjoy!
Do check out the links!

Have a Great Day!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pink Dreamer Birthday

Happy Birthday

to the Extraordinary Pink Dreamer

Here's my Party Piece and my Sunday Sketch!

There are so many Birthday's in November among my friends!
Do Scorpio's attract Scorpio's?

Well here's a birthday card for all you Scorpios
- it's called celebrate and its in your honour!

I am making this for all my November Birthday friends
With much love, much joy and many thanks
for all you are and all you will be!
Lets take take the day and celebrate you!

I wish you Fun, Joy and Love!

χρόνια πολλά

¡feliz cumpleaños!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Quick Tutorial:

Quick sketch or not depending on our personality..

I gathered things I already had in the house, no shopping here, what's this stash of stored bits and bobs for anyway? It is a beautiful day and I really wanted to use red. Strong, simple colours, red, black, white! I found some beautiful textured red paper left over from another project, just waiting to be used!

Glue the red card stock to a piece of delicious, textured, white, handmade paper i have been keeping for something special..

As the card stock is deep red and already embossed, I simply grabbed some favorite stamps and stamped the red with gold. Be sure to layer the stamps over both the red and the white papers for effect. Stars, I love stars, magic, celebration!

I like black with red and gold so looked for black and white patterned paper that appealed - these wonderful prints are simply torn from magazines - one was an ironing board cover photo and as the shape lent itself to a dress or body I moved towards making people. As usual it couldn't just be any people, I always veer toward fairies, angels, icons, kitch. For a Pink Dreamer party, well it had to be witches or fairies! And all fairies need crowns; more magazine paper black and whites - part of a models skirt becomes a crown simply because the print works!

Bodies need faces, I sketched one, then two; two faces fine lined and water coloured..

Wings from white with sheet music snippets glued on..

Embellish with feathers and bindis and stickers with glitter!

Hmmm, looks like a scroll now - what shall I use top and bottom of my scroll, the faces that came to me were of Asian decent, so chop sticks - I have a lovely collection in the kitchen, we can spare two!

Stamp some bright red ribbon with the word celebrate as that is what we are doing and embellish embroidery floss with glass beads and charms and attach them on each side..

Add some bells for balance and to add to the senses!

Ta da! A wonderful birthday card with you all in mind!

Lets take take the day
and celebrate you!

xxxx L

A special Happy Birthday to our Birthday hostess at a Pink Dreamer.
To view more gifts and wishes click here!

Many thanks to our Sunday Sketches Hostess
Sophia at BlueChairDiary.
to view more sketches click here!

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