Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are We There Yet?

new day's dawn awaits
opportunity refined
outline a fresh path

the new year is well underway for most, but i am still honing my path..
never too late to get on with it!

Peter Bregman at hbr blog network suggests that successful people should have 2 lists, a focus list and an ignore list, but not in that order..
"what am I willing not to achieve?
what doesn't make me happy?
what's not important to me? 

then can one can ask the complimentary set of questions

what am I trying to achieve?
what makes me happy?
what's important to me?"

 a new day, a new month, a new year it's a great time to visualize a plan, to start fresh, to add a few new colours to my palette..

In January for several years i have collaged my goals, a simple and elegant tool, So, it's February, no time like the present!
I pulled out some magazines, the scissors and glue, grabbed my teenagers, because this is a wonderful habit for young adults too, and thought about these questions as we collaged. Thought about our truths, what was important, and threw it all out there onto paper.

Go about this project with intention. It is very powerful. Warning, if you use a poster expect to want to fill it, this can be somewhat consuming, in a good way, and you can always use smaller paper!
busy, busy, busy
we've missed you!

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 Have a beautiful day!

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