Tuesday, August 23, 2011


British Museum mummies, Londino

After Italy, the UK. The British Museum and all its amazing mummies made for great entertainment and wonderful sketch opportunities
for myself and the children..

Egyptian mummy C Moore age 11

It is truly amazing how large pieces of other cultures artifacts are housed in London - I wonder when they will come asking for them all back LOL :-)

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Happy Sunday!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

For Sophia

Maria in Trono

These are some quick sketches I did while recently in Rome.
I so love Roma, oodles and oodles of art and history and art,
Madonnas on every corner looking down on you, bells and cobble and pillars and everything so very old and layered.. ahhh!

Today's sketches are dedicated to Sophia's Father..

may he and she be carried by friends and family
at this difficult time..

Madonna con il bambino

the first is "Maria in Trono" (mosaic)
the second is "Madonna con il bambino"

Both are found in one of my favorite churches in Rome
the Amazing Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastavere, Roma

Visit Sophia's heart warming
Bluechairdiary and give her a hug..

For a visual tour today's
Sunday Sketches hosted by Heather

xxxx in support of Sophia and her precious Father..

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Royal Ballet School

Point Shoes by C Moore age 11

A few weeks of travel culminating in Summer School for our 11 year old at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond Park, UK
inspired these sketches by my daughter!

A wonderful experience with girls and boys
representing many countries!

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