Saturday, September 17, 2011

Roma 2011

Roma 2011

In my memory from the summer, this rendition of
Mary was not ancient but modern.. we found her painted
on an ancient wall; in her hand, I believe a crystal ball,
though mine looks much more like a tomato :-)

when in Italy, food is always on the brain..
and the Campo de Fiori market was just around the corner..

Mary tightened her shawl, protecting herself from the chill air
as she set out to feed the hungry with the few veggies
she had pulled from her orto early that morning..

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Saturday, September 3, 2011


As a dance mom there is always something balletic going on,
even in the summer..

This detail from a sketch turned painting of my daughter's solo
is by my sister-in-law so I just had to post it!

I love how she's caught the shimmer of the fabric!

My daughter is super excited she is now on pointe,
so auntie's next painting can include pointe shoes!

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