Sunday, January 30, 2011


My Birthday C Moore age 11

Here are the end result of two wonderful sketches by the children at our birthday, where we explored Monet and the impressionists! The children had a fun filled party, painting and pinata and produced some wonderful paintings! Though the subject was the same, the 13 paintings turned out differently,all with their own personality!

Inspired by Waterlilies T Moore age 13

Life has been busy throwing us her ups and down. This last week we celebrated both the death of a dear friend and young mother who passed away, and the birthday of our lovely daughter - an emotional time. Bittersweet.

and today for the Brave Girls Club

The details of life are awesome, enjoy the ride!
Friends are Awesome!

Have a Happy Sunday and enjoy the moments in your day!

xxxx L

Visit other sketches at BlueChairDiary!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Fairies and Sphynxes Sunday Sketches

"She thought a few twirls were just the thing
for such a lovely afternoon!"

The whimsy of a child spinning with abandon,
with that flushed look of pure joy,
inspired this quick sketch the other afternoon..

My daughter and I disagree as to which hairdo suits her best?
What do you think?

My Little Friends by C Moore still age 10 :-)

The beginnings of my Sphynx paper model by T Moore age 13

My son has been inspired to create paper models which are cut out and folded into 3D form, we are excited to see where this is going!

and here's Dad's! Do we know this gentleman?

Happy Sunday Sketching and many thanks to Sophia
at BlueChairDiary who keeps us on track!

Oh yes and a quick question,
What was awesome in your week?

Field trips are awesome!
Birthdays are awesome (C)
Acting, drama, theater, and plays are awesome!
Skiing is awesome (T)
The energy, wonder and enthusiasm of childhood
is so much more than awesome - it is a piece of life's magic!

100 Awesome Things! gratitude corner
hosted by Jeanette at Keep Me In Stitches

Have a Happy Dappy week!

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Daddy's wonderful sketch! Dad's are awesome!

Well we must say - completion is awesome!
Finishing our sketch books is awesome! And we are there.

Here are the covers and a couple of our favorite page spreads!

T Moore age 13; Secret Codes,
Sketchbook Project 2011
Brooklyn Art Library

C Moore age 10; The Greatest Story Ever Told,
Sketchbook Project 2011
Brooklyn Art Library

Mine; Things Found on Restaurant Napkins
Sketchbook Project 2011
Brooklyn Art Library

Sunday Sketches is hosted by the enchanting Sophia at BlueChairDiary
- many thanks!

100 Awesome Things! gratitude corner
hosted by Jeanette at Keep Me In Stitches

The Imagination is an awesome thing!
Paper models are awesome!

Have a Great Day!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

First off we are starting the New Year with our family
100 Awesome Things! gratitude corner
hosted by Jeanette at Keep Me In Stitches
What a great idea from Brave Girls Club

Birthdays are Awesome!!
Friends are Awesome!!

Then on to the ever fabulous Sunday Sketches..

William by T Moore age 13

And a Happy New Year to you all!
We hope the year brings you good things!

Royalty by C Moore age 10

Angel by me

And for his first sketching appearance ever.. daddy!

The bureau by Dad

May we all thrive in 2011!

Thanks and wishes
Sophia - our fabulous sketch host at BlueChairDiary

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