Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wonderful Waterfall

Waterfall by T Moore age 14

Is everyone this busy?! Once again we have had to lop a few things out of our May / June schedule of recitals and busy year end. Today, however, we are happy to join you! This painting is from my son's sketch this week. It is a lush landscape of greenery and waterfalls. He sold his painting at a school fundraiser organized called Grade 7 Cafe, featuring a movie made by Grade 7 and the sale of their artwork and baked goods. Monies raised by Grade 7 will be used for the building of a school in Haiti.

Congratulations Grade 7, what a wonderful event!

Have a great Sunday!

And Happy Birthday Lise-Lotte!

Come and take a Sunday Walk through some more Sunday Sketches!

Monday, June 13, 2011

More Tea and Roses

Living Artfully

Green Art, Recycle, Up cycle ..

more tea and roses..

always my goal to surround our family in beauty and goodness..
to bring art to the everyday

Here's a fun link to gather new ideas for the
Domestic Goddess in us all..

welcome my dear friend at

Party Green

check it out and enjoy!

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