Saturday, December 12, 2015

Pilgrimage of the heart; Mary Day 12

 A Pilgrimage of the heart


Day 12

 many have smelt roses

and lilies when Mary is near

open your heart,

let love in,

    Mary Dec 11, 2015 by L Moore

Take time to smell the roses

  Mary Dec 12, 2015 by L Moore


Our Lady of Guadalupe


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12 day with Mary at the enchanting


  1. Thank you for all of your lovely contributions here. I shall stop and smell the roses along my way. Peace xx

  2. I am envious how you draw your images and color them. I can't seem to get the hang of drawing. I will be alert for the smell of roses and lilies even during the winter. Have a beautiful Christmas and a blessed, healthy and happy new years. It has been so much fun to see what each of us has posted during these 12 days.

  3. Indeed! Life is too short to let these wonderful details slip by unnoticed!

  4. The fragrance of roses are very strong at her grotto in Lourdes and not a rose in sight. May you have a blessed Christmas and a joy-filled new year!

    1. Lourdes is definitely on my bucket list! Blessings for a Merry Christmas!

  5. Lovely drawings you have presented here, with a heartfelt message. Happy day to you, and I will smell the roses always.

  6. sweet drawings...lovely reminder to smell the roses.

  7. Exquisite post and beautiful drawing of 'Our Lady' ~ xox

    Wishing you the magic and love of the season,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. dearest lenorita,
    so much joy shared here all wrapped up in the fragrance of love! thank you for blessing us with your family mary love. enjoy a christmas full of light and love. xo

  9. dear sweet lenorita,
    how can another year have passed so quickly? i am sharing twelve days of mother love and miss your sweet presence. this year more than ever we need the pure compassion of mother love. hoping to see your radiant heart in this gathering of light! xo

  10. welcome to the first day of december-and a heartfelt invitation to share twelve days of mary love! xo


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