Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Honour of Monique

 For Monique & Viv ~ L Moore 2013

Mary, births her own

anguish, Persephone mourns,

mothers and daughters

Palm Sunday / Passion Sunday 2013

feel free to post notes, prayers and memories for
Monique and for Viviane below..

linking too
Mornings with Mary at recuerda mi corazon

Have a Holy Week!


  1. welcome home dear lenorita! you and your creative children have been greatly missed!
    thank you for this grace on palm sunday.
    you are always welcome on mondays for a new meme at recuerda mi corazon, morngings with mary.

  2. Your lovely painting is a beautiful tribute to your friends.

  3. i am so warmed by your presence and participation.
    sharing the mary love is a sweet beginning to all days!

  4. Non, je ne regrette rien-Blessings to your mother Monique who was such a strong,sweet lady. A personality that never quit and will live through you.. Viv and Chanelle. Peace to you my dear Viv, Chanelle and Ken. My love, Heather

  5. Lovely image, I especially like the - dots of light - for lack of a better explanation.

  6. such a lovely work of art! first time here, blessings on your family for the loss of your mother.

  7. Beautiful piece. I love it all. Thank you.

  8. Soft and gentle, this is what I feel looking at this painting and yet with a little sparkle too. A tribute to the ones gone before, but a reminder for us to keep sparkling ~ thank you. x

  9. Absolutely divine art ~ thanks for the reminder of the 'Divine' in all of us.

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