Sunday, December 12, 2010

Artistic Endevours!

Frog - in progress by T Moore age 13 Acrylic

Hedgehog by C Moore age 10 - Acrylic

The children were lucky enough to have a few hours with their aunt at her art studio in The Hive (link below) and produced these paintings from their sketches. My daughters is complete,
my son's is a work in progress!

My little quick draw - having fun with figurative!

And here are a few other art happenings we have to share!

First these beautiful scarves were knit by the children as prizes
for their annual Christmas Fundraiser.

Each year they sell tickets for a dollar and send the money to the charity they have chosen - this year Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope, providing global communities in need, with supplies for education, clean water, animals for milk and other basic requirements. The first few years the children painted and framed art work as prizes, last year they wrote a book. This year they knit. I forget which child came up with this idea several years ago, but I think it was after we attended an art fundraiser for the tsunami in south east Asia.
They have made this an annual tradition!

Every year the children put together our Advent wreath
at the Waldorf Christmas Fair!

Always plugging our many talented friends and relatives, this is a newspaper editorial, celebrating the recent open house at The Hive, the artist co-op that houses my sister-in-law's studio. Check out her blog and web site and leave a comment - she is new to blog land
- let's give her a warm welcome!

And now we go forth into Christmas Land to spread good cheer!
Have a Merry Weekend!

Many Thanks to our hostess with the mostest, Sunday Sketches with Sophia at BlueChairDiary! Visit more sketchers here!

Wishing you and yours
a Merry Christmas Season!


  1. What a WONDERFUL tradition! I am showing this to my grown kids and my grandkids! I think next year we may have a tradition too! Thanks for visiting my blog - as YOU were the one that got me hooked on the Sunday Sketches!!!
    cheers, dana

  2. joining sunday sketches today.

    Looks like you've had a fruitful week! I enjoyed the sketches and look forward to seeing more of your figurative sketches.

  3. Those are cool sketches as well as the traditions!

  4. I always love sharing your artistic family's outputs every week. My fave this time is the frog!

  5. oh wow!!!! love this fun collection of art and photos!!!! wishing you and yours a most magical Holiday Season!!!!

  6. love the hedgehog! it's adorable! certainly makes one smile when they look at it

  7. So much to take in... I love the hedgehog and am amazed by the scarves - what a great idea to donate these soft cuddlies for a good cause!

    Your family amazes every time!

    Smiles to you all and holiday hugs

  8. your children are wonderful, generous and talented! I love that they raise money each year with something they made. That is a beautiful thing on so many levels.

    I loved seeing all of your art.

  9. Very cute sketches. I hope the fundraiser goes well for you this year!

  10. You all did a fabulous job! I'm loving the colours in the frog and hedgehog paintings!

  11. Lenora, your childrens paintings are wonderful but most wonderful is what all of you do to help people!!
    Wish you, too, a Merry Christmas Season!!

  12. I'm in love with that little frog, it made me laugh, hope it gets finished! What a busy week you had.

  13. nice...loving how the frog is coming along...the eyes really pop...anda cute hedgehog...having a little fun with the figure on that sketch eh?

  14. The frog is really looking great! The hedgehog is too adorable, and good figure mum :)

  15. Love the frogs eyes. And your children can knit, too? Oh good for them, i wish i had been a better knitting student, myself! I just get such a great feeling of family love when ever i visit you. i love that fact that you involve the children in every aspect of your creative world. it's really great!!
    i will definitely pop over to The Hive!
    i like the figurative sketch you did, too! xxoo

  16. What a great tradition! Your kids are so multi-talented! (like their mom!) Cute sketches and love the scarves!

  17. I love hearing about your traditions! I am so impressed with your children's paintings... and those scarves - beautiful :)


  18. Wonderful sketches to give such an artistic flair to terrific traditions. Well done with this.

  19. WOW. I am amazed with those works and the beautiful tradition. A FROG! I don't like frogs but that one is so beutiful. I like them better in the paper. As you must know ..that coqui thing was weird. Thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. Ah! I love those scarves! Please tell the children I LOVE LOVE them and I am so touched by the way thay can spend a Chritsmas time helping a cause!

    Merry Christmas!

  20. What a wonderful tradition. The scarves are lovely. And I'm still so incredibly amazed at the talent of your children. That frog in progress is FABulous and the hedgehog is SO cute. :) hee LOVE all of the sketches and look forward to seeing them each week. Hugs!!

  21. Hi Lenorita! LOVE the frog and hedgehog! Wow! What a feast for the eyes! Congratulations to your children and their fund raising project; most impressive. I like the knitted scarfs. And, your figurative work is most delightful! I like the energy and attitude of your line!


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