Friday, October 15, 2010

Halloween Party 2010 / The Graveyard

The Graveyard

Our graveyard is a magical place, please respect the inhabitants

October 31 - November 2

All Hallow's Eve
All Saints, Ognissanti
All Souls, ψυχοσάββατο
Los Dias de los Muertos
Los Dias de les Angelitos
Festival of the Dead

Summer's end, end of the harvest,
beginning of the darker half of the year..

Packing the tools we need, we head out to the graveyard,
brushes to scrub, flowers to plant,
each family grave trimmed back, cleared, scrubbed
preparing the earth in honour of life

For who can say who will be back to visit us this All Hallow's Eve?

We leave trinkets and photos, flowers and amulets,
honouring the souls of those who have gone before us

Those whose lives have lead a path to ours,

those who are alive in our memories,

Each year we refresh the family stories, laugh at days gone by

and ultimately celebrate the mystery of death,
toward which we all inevitably march

We honour lives and memories..

for what is life if we cannot laugh at ourselves?

The cycle of life ultimately beyond our control!

si la muerte te sorbe el coco,

haste p...a un lado y baila el jarabe loco!

Throw up you arms, join in the parade!
There is much to celebrate in the graveyard tonight!

Enchanters cackle, vampires wail
the good witch spins her fairy tale,

bats, forest owls, a harvest moon
long shadows, faerie mischief and ancient rune

There is SO much to celebrate
in the graveyard tonight!

Drawing on traditions from many cultures, Halloween has become for us, a time to celebrate the cycle of life..

We invite you to remember
your friends and family who have died
by adding them to our Shrine To Honour The Dead
in the comments box below

(as well a any other comments regarding our Halloween Party hosted by the Amazing Vanessa Valencia at A Fanciful Twist !)

Many Thanks for Visiting!


  1. I will be the first to post to your Shrine To Honor the Dead..

    In fond memory of Sabrina - you are missed xxoo

    This is a beautiful idea!

  2. oh lenora what a magical post! i';m so touched...and you wrote this greek word...that day all the dead send their souls here with us...most of all i'd like to honor my dad and my grandma...i miss them so much!
    thank you so much lenora and kids! my fairy witches are always taking care of you!!!!

  3. What a great post! I would like to leave a memory of my Grandmother; Maxine who always made everything special everyday...and on Halloween.


  4. what a fabulous post! i love the way the mexican celebrate the lifes of the dead, such a positive attitude. a bewitchingly magical post, thanks for sharing.
    have a magical party blog cruise! and fly on over to mine.

  5. Wonderful Post ~ I'd like to honor my father & mother, Ray & Judy. Miss them everyday...

    I'd also like to honor my black cat Midnite, she was born on Halloween & I miss her with all my heart.

    Please fly by for my giveaways too.
    Hauntingly Yours, Lyndy

    My Haunted Halloween Party Link:

  6. Thanks for this. Soooo wonderful. I miss my faery aunt... she made me princess dresses and showed me how to love a flower. She loved all things pink and green. I do miss her so. Blessings dear, have fun at the parties!

  7. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Id like to honeour my two grandfathers who died within 3 weeks of each other 13 years ago. Both very different men with completely different personalities, but both very special to us.

  8. Leonora, I am really touched with your fantastic post! Thanks for share! Id like to honor my grandparents Victor, Nadir, Rubens and Elza. I miss them so much...Thanks for your comment and visit at my party!

  9. Ahhhh...allow me to join in with your and your guests in cleaning off graves and planting flowers in honour of life. Let me and my servants from the Harrington Manor join in....

    I'd like to honour my grandmother, Sylvestie.

    I'm off to mingle with your guests and WILL be back...

  10. Spookalicious party!! I enjoyed it.
    Come visit my Halloween party if you'd wish:

  11. What a beautiful post. Thank you very much. Might I add my grandmother and my beloved pets Sophie, Patches and Jazz (for they are truly my family).

    I would be most delighted if you came to visit my enchanted Halloween Faerie Tale & giveaway:

    Enjoy the parties!

  12. Wow, what a wonderful post. I'd like to add my Nan who has been on my mind and in my dreams recently.



  13. I had so much fun at the graveyard! Thank you for inviting me! Have a wonderful weekend! Twyla

  14. I too have an altar honoring my ancestors and celebrate The Day of the Dead. I loved the pictures of the grave stones being tended too. I'd like to honor the matriarchal line of my family who hailed from Norway. My mother's maiden name was: Gulleson. So, to the Gulleson women.

  15. Hey, that's my cousin trapped in the pumpkin! Yes, it is I, Punkin Head, and I have heard of your party. I'm rushing out this text as I stumble around in the library at Sophia's Harrington Manor.

    I'm good with honoring the dead too, jsut as long as it is not I! LOL! Quite the graveyard party here! :)

    - Punkin Head

  16. Oh I love this post. Thanks for sharing all of this. xx

  17. I'd like to add my parents-miss them so. Thanks for sharing this wonderful tradition.

  18. This is such a beautiful and touching tradition, thank you for inviting me to share it with you.

  19. OMG...what fun!!! Great graphics!! Thanks for inviting me... I am making my rounds but I go to the ones I get invited too first!!

  20. How wonderful you have captured the day we call All Saints Day. Traditions are old and they run deep. Thanks for inviting me.

  21. Very wonderful post. Loved all the photos.
    Thanks for coming by my blog earlier.


  22. Such a wonderful post, thank you! I would like to honor my grandpa and my departed pets Princess and Hermes, as well as all of the sweet kitties we lost while I worked at a cat shelter. I loved your party! :) ~Lauren

  23. A wonderful post to celebrate the cycle of life and honor the dead - very well done!!! Thank you for inviting us to share it with you!

    We would like to honor the memory of all those who touched our heart but no longer share this realm with us physically - two legged and four pawed.

    Romeo and "her"

  24. How super spooky and magical!! LOVED your fortune teller too! And her crystal ball! And the wee lass at the cemtery, shiversss!! Oh all of it, just wonderful!

    Thank you for sharing the magic!

    ♥, Vanessa {A Fanciful Twist}

  25. I really loved your telling of this celebration. Every picture the words you selected. Loved it.

  26. Excellent posting! I ENJOYED MYSELF THOROUGHLY!!!! Thank you for visiting my Halloween Party!

  27. Your party was delightful. Thanks for the invite. Visit my party at:


  28. some very poignant pictures

    I'm remembering my mum just now.

  29. this is beautiful and so touching!I'd like to honor my's been almost 13 years and it feels like yesterday.
    thank you, this post was so powerful.

  30. Lovely spiritual post! Thank you for sharing the magic of these clebrations!
    Do drop by if you have a chance!

  31. What a wonderful post, thank you so much for sharing :)
    I'd like to leave a small shrine of catnip and tuna for Thomas (((((hugs to you, big guy!))))))))

  32. Absolutely beautiful!! I would like to honor my Great Grandmother. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.

  33. I adore your Shrine to Honor the Dead. Cleaning up the graves and having a party there. Truly life affirming. I like to add my friend Sean, my Uncle Charlie and my Dad.

  34. Great post! I love that your whole family gets involved :) I also think it is wonderful that the cemetery allows you to do so! What a wonderful way to teach your children about their ancestors :)

    Thank you for this opportunity.

    I would like to honor firstly--all those lost fighting for Human rights and democracy (our armed forces)
    then on a personal note:
    Daddy (William)
    All my Aunts and Uncles
    my BIL Bob
    my late MIL and FIL Mickey and Anne
    my cousin Stanley (DeeDee)
    My lost first child (a girl--would have been a Jessica)
    My furbabies: sneakers, sneakers II, Stripe, Christmas, Boots(ie)--all cats. Fritz and Honey--dogs

    Thanks again.


    come visit--There is a pre-party post, a party post(giveaway) and post-party post:

  35. What a great post, thank you for sharing that :)

    This has been my first blog-party bu I've had such a good time so far!

  36. This is such a wonderful post. You are so inspiring, the care and love that are alive and well for those who have past. Thank you.

  37. What a special shrine, a lovely thought. And I love your little pumpkin in the pumpkin jail!

  38. what a wonderful party!
    I love your creations!

    Hope you'll come visit mine and my post(s) for all of October!

  39. So much fun to be had here! Thank you so much for sharing the festivites with me! I hope you'll come and visit me, too!


  40. How beautiful.... I love your post!

    First I would like to thank you for stoping by!

    And I would like to honor my dear grandmother Maggie... who taught me to always trust my inner witch. I love you grandma!

  41. Hey Lenora,
    Thanks for having me at your party! What a great way to remember all the loved ones we have lost... I would like to remember my Pop Pop Sam LaSpata, he died of cancer, when I was 13. He was such a funny warm soul , and he is greatly missed!
    Thank you for stopping by my party as well!

  42. I am learning much on this party tour. Between festivities I am learning traditions and customs. Your post gives me time to pause and remember those who have gone before me, I hope to be waiting for my arrival.

  43. Thanks for visiting me and inviting me to your party. Such a great tradition of honoring our ancestors and the cycle of life. Beautiful!

  44. Hello Lenora! Wonderful party post! I enjoyed reading and viewing your spiritual traditions that come about this time of year. Thanks so much for your sweet visit! :)

  45. Hi Leonora,

    Thank you so much for the nice comment you left on my blog. I really enjoyed visiting the graveyard!

  46. What a magical post! You have a beautiful point of view- thanks for stopping by my party at 'Tending The Nest'

  47. What a beautifully written post! And such a wonderful idea to honor those not with us any longer. I'd like to remember both of my grandfathers, as well as Jay who was taken way before his time, 12 years ago this month.

    Thank you for stopping by my pumpkin wedding!

  48. What a touching and creative post! My offering is for my daughter Brianna, whom I always miss so dearly at this time of year (she would have been 11 this December). Thanks so much for stopping by & inviting me over and for your well wishes. Happy Halloween & Pumpkin Blessings!

  49. My heart and soul are forever missing my brother ... my offering is for him. Thank you for this opportunity to continue honoring him.
    I so appreciate you stopping by ... I wish for you a blessed and blissful autumn!

  50. I had a great time at your party. Thank you for sharing. Love all your photos. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment.

  51. Love this post! :) Mine are for all my grand parents, my friend Ashley, and all my wonderful pets I've had over the years. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  52. Wonderful party post! All of my grandparents... I, too, think it's important to remember the ones who've gone before us. Thanks for sharing this:)

    Thanks for coming to my party.

  53. I'm leaving a message for my friend Bob.
    You are missed so very much everyday.

    With my love,


  54. We have a family altar too, how lovely that you're creating that tradition for your family. :)

  55. What a great post~ Honoring your family, past and present.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog~

  56. In memory of both my grandfathers, my uncle Christian, my aunt Lisette, my friends Onyx, Mémé and Gégé, and most of all to my beloved Rhonda( I think of you every day).

    Thank you for this lovely invitation.

  57. Such a touching post. So happy to have stopped by. Happy Halloween

  58. Oh this is beautiful! A magical way to honor our loved ones. Everything is so lovely here. I would like to honor and remember my dad and grandparents and all my beloved feline babies (BT, Pyewacket and Kushka)who are always gone too soon but in my heart forever. Thank you for letting me share with you.

  59. I would like to honour my grandparents, uncles, all of my dear friends who left us much too soon and to our dear little furry friends we once shared much loved company.Very beautiful post.

    Having a draw for some Halloween Art, do drop in for a visit if you can.




  60. Oh how wonderful. You have honored your loved ones well. They are watching over you. Thank you for a great post. I loved all the images. Thank you for sharing. Please visit me:

  61. Lovely sentiments and some great photos here. Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed the Halloween fest.

  62. cool! thanks for the comment. Halloween Blog party was fun!
    Visit my art blog for even more!


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