Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Frog

Merriman 2010 by C Moore age 10

On the log,
little frog,
Singing, chirping,

poem and Hawaiian Frog by T Moore age 13

Sometimes life gets in the way, as it has for me this week..
however, my children have sat together and sketched..
their theme; Hawaiian frogs. Poem by my son, age 13.

Please enjoy checking out the other sketches at Blue Chair Diary, here you will find a variety of interpretations and styles, and a lot of talent! Many thanks to Sophie for all she does! Also, if you haven't already have a look at the Sketchbook project listed on our sidebar and at Blue Chair Diary - interested, there's still time, check it out!


  1. T and C thanks for keeping this going, even when i was swamped with other, so much less important stuff! xxxx mama

  2. what a cute frog!!!
    i posted the wonderful fairy you sent me! thanks again!!!

  3. I love this little poem! And the frogs are wonderful!
    Yes, sometimes a week gets too full to do all we want to do.
    lovely that my post is timely for you~

  4. Terrific frogs, they are perfect and made me smile. One of my favorite creatures. The poem is so perfect. Great job by both of you.

  5. Great frogs. Funnily enough my son and I read a story together today about a frog and a toad - the frog looked very much like yours - nice and friendly and very green :)

  6. I love those frogs. Your children are so adorable and it tickles me that each week they create their own art. LOVE that. :)

  7. Please don't shoot me, but I lost the piece of paper that I wrote your email down on! Ugh! =/

  8. I love frogs and these are so adorable!! Nice job on the poem too!

  9. Great frogs and I love that your kids keep drawing for us!


  10. These are both so wonderful, and I LOVE the poem!! :) ~Lauren

  11. How wonderful! What great artists you have!! I love these frogs, I used to love drawing frogs when I was a child :0) Thank you for your lovely visit and comments on my piece! :0)

  12. I love these frogs (and the poem)! You have 2 very talented kids :)

  13. Frogs are fun to draw!! Great job kids. Cute words to go along with the drawings.
    have a great week!

  14. it's always fun coming here, and what wonderful and quirky sketches these are


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