Monday, September 13, 2010

Owl Tutorial - Hoot Hoot!

Pigwidgeon by C Moore age 10

Our daughter has been creating owls for years, ever since her brother had to make an owl in grade 4. Look around the house, we are all artists and an artist can make an owl out of anything as our children repeatedly demonstrate!

For this owl you will need:

air dry clay
a paperclip
a pipe cleaner.

Glue and paint some feathers together
using acrylic or other paint to create wings,

and a tail..

Needle felt a fairly stiff body from sheep fleece and then paint. The paint will make it more sturdy too. Glue wings and tail to body.

Make a ball from your air dry clay. Add 2 smaller balls of clay for eyes and poke in a paperclip where the beak will be. Add a clay beak above the paper clip. Air dry clay glue on some feather bits dry and paint.

Cut your pipe cleaner in half and shape into 2 feet. Paint feet.

Glue feet and heard to body. Ta Da! For any grade 4's who need other ideas we will be psoting other owls my daughter has made in future!



  1. So cool! My daughter will be covered in feathers now. We are all artists in my house too and like to get a little messy! :)


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