Sunday, September 19, 2010


With September comes Michaelmas. Michaelmas celebrates the story of St Michael and reminds us of our personal strength.

Courage by T Moore age 13

Knights, swords, dragons..
First in a season of celebrations, and symbol of courage to do right.

Honour by me (hmm, looks suspiciously like my husband :-)

As the days darken we turn inward to our own personal light.

Sir Foggie by C Moore age 10

This is the beginning of a wonderful time of year for families. Cozy reading by the fire. Candles and lanterns. The excitement of coming festivals. Hot chocolate. Harvest foods. Baking.

"I have a cape of golden light
to give me courage, strength and might"

~author unknown to me~

One of our favorite times of year - watch for our Dragon Bread!


  1. I'd totally forgotten about Michaelmas, although traditionally UK public schools have Michaelmas terms, took me right back to my school years!

  2. Good morning, I am not familiar with Michaelmas, thank you for sharing. Great to teach the kids lessons of personal strength. All of the sketches are divine, today! I must say my favorite is the Sir Froggie, how cute.
    And your are SO right...this is just a wonderful time of year.... I couldn't agree more! Can't wait to see your Dragon Bread.

  3. I, too, like Sir Froggie!!!! And your "Honour" is just wonderful!!!

  4. Wonderful sketches, Sir Froggy is terrific and so noble, Honour is very dashing. I had never heard of Michaelmas either but glad to learn something new. I want to try Dragon Bread so will be watching.

  5. These are all so wonderful! I love Sir Froggy. Great work all of you!


  6. The sword of Michael! I like detail of the quillon or guard. The hand looks youthful and our youth certainly do need strength and courage as they have through the ages! Great work1

  7. All of you did such a great job!
    (I the text bubbles)
    Isn't it funny how drawings can end up looking like people we know even when we don't cosciously think about it?

  8. Sounds like such a lovely time of year where you are!!! Love all those sketches, Sir Froggy is so cute and funny I remember drawing frogs quite like this when I was a little girl I loved them! :0)

    Thanks for your comments on my work, I'm interested to see the artist that you mentioned. I'm really enjoying exploring that sort of art at the moment, I used to doodle these type of figures when I was a young girl and they've really come back to me in recent times :0)

  9. they're all wonderful, I especially like the cat and the frog

  10. i love that it is called honour and looks like your hubby...that is cool.

  11. oh these are wonderful!!! your sketches made me smile today!! especially that cute frog prince...

  12. Oh my gosh, I think this is my favourite set of artwork for you and your kids. ADORE it! I chuckled when I read the "all high knight froggy". hee hee And SO love the two swords as well. Reminds me of my own family coat of arms.

    And of course, your knights look VERY handsome. :)

  13. such a wonderful subject, I will continue to enjoy how you all pick a subject and do art together, these are wonderful!

  14. i really enjoy coming to your blog and seeing you and your kids especially! These are all wonderful pieces!


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