Sunday, September 26, 2010

More on Michaelmas

left in our Wonder Book one knight by the Elvin folk
(more on that another day!)

"In autumn Saint Michael with sword and with shield,
passes over meadow and orchard and field.
He's on the path to battle against darkness and strife.
He is the heavenly warrior, protector of life."

we got this years ago from preschool - author unknown to us

Dragon's Head by T Moore age 13

Good vs Evil by T Moore age 13

We are still considering the upcoming celebration of Michael - Michaelmas (see previous post for more) drawing dragons and knights while considering on our own personal strength,
courage and goodness and will.

..and yes we will still be making dragon bread this week,
Michaelmas is September 29th so we have time..
watch for it and join us for a slice!

more Dragon Practice by me

and more..

We see in St. Michael the knight in shining armour that we can be,
the absolute of good over evil.

..and yes we will still be making dragon bread this week,
Michaelmas is September 29th so we have time..
watch for it and join us for a slice!

The 3 Requirements for Making a Wand by C Moore age 10

This is not a sword but my daughter's wand!
She was so excited about her story to post for the Practical Magic Blog Party yesterday (and it is a sweet story of the wand her grandfather made her) that she is posting her wand once again and asking if you might like to read (if you haven't already) the true story below or click here.

Many thanks to all who participate in Sunday Sketches and inspire us to continue to doodle away some hours together!


  1. Happy Sunday to you all!
    great, they really are all so good. I'm still curious about the dragon bread... I will definitely head over to read the story about the magic wand....thanks for the link!
    enjoy this autumn sunday afternoon!

  2. These are fantastic Dragons - very magical.

  3. Wow - such great dragons!
    (You have me so curious about the 'Elvin folk')
    I'll be watching for the dragon bread!

  4. Wow, all of your dragons are amazing. I really like them. Hmmm...maybe I should draw me a dragon for a symbol of strength and courage for myself. :) Happy SS!

  5. oh these Dragons are so neat!!! wow!!!! It looks like a wonderful time was had during all this creating!!!

  6. You all just keep getting better and better! These sketches are great!

  7. What fabulous dragons!! Amazing stories must accompany them, I bet!.

    Great job Lenora and little Moores!

  8. great dragon creations, very much like fairytales

  9. beautiful work! I found you through Theme Thursday, nice blog.

  10. nice...know this is an old one but it was before my time...glad it brought me here actually...really like the dragons...esp your 13 yr olds...impressive...


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