Friday, August 27, 2010

Camp Art / Sunday Sketches?

We were camping and didn't get a lot of sketching done though we brought our supplies..
but we did do this camp art - all ready to float on the lake when the fire alert is decreased!!

"Camping Art" Lumiere by C Moore age 10

more "Camping Art" Lumiere by T Moore age 13

See you all next week! Check out the talent at Blue Chair Diary!


  1. Oh what fun, hope you get photos of them lit

  2. Sounds/looks like you had ALOT of fun. I want to go to camp art!! :)

    I just got you listed. FORGIVE ME that it slipped my mind. Ugh! You're up, though. :)

    Miss you!!

    PS I'm getting ready to send you some questions for that interview we talked about last month.

  3. oh how wonderful, camping candles!

  4. The camp art looks great, bet you all had a fun time creating them.

  5. I read through some of your blog and was just enchanted with your family goals and dreams. I've become a FOLLOWER because I enjoy reading and seeing what you all are doing. :)Bea

  6. at least you are all being creative if not with drawing

    thanks for your visit, however late

  7. How fun! It seems like you are still being creative, and really have a great time together as a family...that's beautiful.


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