Monday, September 20, 2010

Pandora's Box / Πιθος Πανδώρα


Pandora's box
of fools gold
our deepest, darkest, secrets hold

naive beauty
woman's grief
verdant garden, sister, Eve

Demeter, Mary
divine bastille
paradise lost, judgment revealed

by Lenora September 2010

I am fascinated with stories that appear and reappear throughout history, with no concern for border, century or denomination. The lesson of Pandora / the story of Eve. Demeter and Persephone / Mary and Jesus. Each account different. Each truth the same.

As a woman I wonder at the burden of grief history places squarely upon our shoulders as if somehow we are responsible for the sins of all mankind. The suggestion that beauty and allure are evil, the womb incumbent of the mystery of creation.

This is a lot fun - many thanks to
Brian and Megan of Theme Thursday!

Though we will not be able to do this weekly,
we will approach it whenever we can make the time!


  1. Thank you so much for stopping my blog and commenting on my Theme Thursday. Better a little late than never. :)

    I thoroughly enjoyed your TT as well.


  2. This is lovely, fool's gold, dark secrets and a woman's burden; lovely and thought-provoking... especially given your paragraphs added after the poem proper. The image is very interesting, well done - is it yours?

  3. yes it's mine, a quick pastel..

    Pandora's box was actually Pandora's jar (in Greek - pithos). A Greek jar I understand would have been an urn at that time - so Pandora would have unleashed all that evil from a beautiful urn - leaving only hope inside.

  4. Interesting poem. I'm just getting serious about studying the evolution (or perhaps 'devolution') of the divine feminine and earth based religions and your poem struck a cord. Love the pastel, too.


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