Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Bear

We haven't yet seen the bear, but we know she's been here..

the scat on the lawn; filled with blueberries

the black course fur she left in our neighbour's paddling pool;
the pool slightly crumpled - a new shape

the perogie bag roughly wrenched, stolen from the neighbour's patio fridge, door left hanging

the bag in tatters, shredded and holed - hangs, way too high on the fence post,

I stretched to reach it, laughed, one soggy perogie left..

she'll be back.

written together at breakfast by myself and my daughter age 10

(This is a true story)

Prompt: Stretch

Again so much fun, thanks to Brian and Megan
of Theme Thursday for hosting!


  1. OOOO a trail of evidence stretching across the garden! A very interesting story!

  2. Sweet. Set up a time-lapse camera!

  3. Ugh....You can keep the bear there!! :) Tee Hee

  4. I just love to hear about bear stories. Wonderful drawing too!

  5. It seems this bear likes blueberries, among other things...

  6. The time-laps camera would be a great idea, however we probably won't get to that this month :-) Maybe next year!

    No these are black bears, no pet eaters here.. coyotes and cougars, however, are another story.

  7. my sweet lenora thank you so much for your wonderful comment!!!!
    i love your sketch!!
    see you tomorrow at my magic party!you are invited of course! and please bring your children with you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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