Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bon mot cinquante !!

Bon Anniversaire Viviane !!

parti à Paris!
Viviane is 50!

This week our Sunday Sketches are dedicated to our dear ami Français, Viviene - Fifty going on forty, more high spirited
than many 30 year olds!

Happy Birthday Viv!

Tour Eiffel by T Moore age 12 (c) 2010

If there is someone who knows how to live life; to laugh, to dance,
and always, always, always to enjoy - it is Viv!

Viv la France! by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

Bon mot cinquante! I love that - why does everything sound so much better en Francais? Viv many Birthday wishes are below!


  1. Viva la vie VIV
    My dear friend: Happy Happy Birthday! - May your year ahead be filled with joy, love, health and happiness and may your loved ones cherrish all the beautiful moments spent with you. You radiate a sense of adventure and youth iin all of us lucky ones to be your friends. Keep on smiling :)
    .... Love you lots! DEB

  2. Hi Viv,

    Congratulations on making it this far and all the best for the next 50...!


  3. Buon compleanno carissima e bellissima amica!
    Auguri per il tuo cinquantessimo e speriamo per altri cinquanta!
    Sei simpatica, bella, piena di vita e gioia! Non smettere mai di sorridere e ridere.


  4. Happy Happy Birthday Viv! Wow: 50 and fabulous!!
    Chapeau, you look so amazing, you're incredible funny and full of energy ... have a wonderful birthday and a fantastic trip to France, lots of love, kisses and hugs, from Jasmin & Family

  5. Joyeux cinquantième Viv! En vieillissant, vous obtenez plus sage est dit est vrai! Ken Attention!

    Tyler :)

  6. Happy Birthday Viv!! You don’t look a day over 40. Your youthful, fun attitude is contagious and you keep us all young at heart.

    Love Linda

  7. Viv "50" is the new "40" and you look fabulous!!! There is no stopping you yet!!! I love your attitude and I'm very fortunate to have met a friend like you. Have a Happy Birthday and let the party begin!!!!!

    Love Vera

  8. Plus cher Viviene. Nous sommes si heureux d'vous avoir fondé - notre ami d'amusement, pétillant, jeune, renversant et énergique! Vous êtes un raie de soleil et une boule de rebondissement! Votre disposition optimiste est infectieuse et thérapeutique et toi sont un grand ami!

    La nature te donne le visage que vous avez à vingt; il l'appartient toi pour mériter le visage que vous avez à cinquante. ~ Coco Chanel

    Bon anniversaire Viv! Nous vous aimons! Avec l'amour et le rire, Lenora, Allan, Tyler and Carissa xxxx

  9. Dearest Viv, what a pleasure to have such an inspiration in my life, fit fit fit you like the uphill snowshoe, I like the downhill snowshoe, see we compliment each other.....right behind ya gal....many best wishes on such a joyous Heather

  10. Happy B-Day Vivianne! Best wishes for many more to come! Veronica

  11. Vous avez une merveilleuse occasion du cinquantième anniversaire Viviane! Meilleurs voeux pour cette année et chaque année. Joyeux anniversaire!
    Beaucoup d'amour de Carissa

  12. Great sketches Lenora- from your lovely children as well.
    Many happy birthday wishes to your friend! 50 is great I hear. :-)

  13. lovely tribute - my favorite's the croissant & dress

  14. wonderful tribute to your friend. I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

  15. oh what better way than to celebrate with Paris!!! this is so wonderful!!! and Happy Birthday to Viviene

  16. great sketches by you and the children, well done. Happy Birthday to your friend.

  17. this is such a fun post to celebrate your friends birthday. each and every drawing is full of celebration. yea!

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the sweet comments!! :) I just love your sketch and your children's sketches, they are very talented! I hope you are having a lovely week :) ~Lauren

  19. I love your sketches. Such a fun celebration and blog. I am glad I have found you!:)

    All best wishes,
    Jo May.

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