Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Here's Her Story

The story behind last weeks Sunday sketches,
she is simply a sketch of one of my faerie art dolls.

As I mentioned, like the rest of us, my faeries all have a story..

Renewal (she is viridian, genesis, prelude, creation) is one of my art dolls; a voodoo doll, a Milagros; made as a votive with a particular friend in mind during the process. Milagros in Spanish means miracle. They are small charms offered in hope that someone will get well.
Renewal is a meditation, a prayer, she is an amulet.

Like your loved ones, some of my friends and family have had more than their share of issues to deal with; such is life. They have been in need of, and worked towards, their own miracle. I find art a therapeutic way to express my sympathy, my caring, my love and
support for someone in a time of need.

I have been frustrated with how little I can do when a friend is diagnosed with breast or uterine cancer or has an overwhelming issue of any kind. I can be there, give ideas around health care in the case of breast cancer as I have been touched by that myself. I can organize meal trees, care for children. I can cry, I can listen, I can pray but I am left wanting to do more; and this is how my wee fairies were born. They are talisman, my fighting prayer in physical form.

They are named, Hope, Strength, Love, Courage, Guardian and they have evolved as primitive dolls; an embodiment of a wish for healing. I have taught art workshops over the years and this felting class, Felted Milagros, is still one of my favorites to teach. There we work toward being part of a creative force; we explore areas of our life that may be in need of a little miracle, express our thanks for our own miracles or wish someone a miracle,
and this we express by giving our creativity a physical form.
Renewal is the embodiment of a healing wish.

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