Sunday, May 23, 2010

En Pointe

en Pointe II by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

My daughter is a dancer and it was her turn to choose our Sunday Sketches 'theme'. Sophie, we are so enjoying this, Thank you!

my sketchbook

We have written a birthday fairy tale, The Dancing Shoes,

by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

and these are our illustrations

L Moore (c) 2010

L Moore (c) 2010

We have taken this one step further and are
making the illustrated shoe!

An altered point shoe.. We just can't help it!

This dancer will probably turn out be my daughter,
she is not finished yet.. !

en Pointe by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

my daughter has drawn this one for a card..

A Young Ballerina's Dream by T Moore age 12 (c) 2010

and my son's sketch ..and I love the name!

What fun! Enjoy your day! L T and C


  1. Your girls are so very talented - I say that every week, but I just have to repeat it. I love the altered shoe - how fun is this!!!
    Love seeing the pages of other's sketchbooks too.

    Smiles and happy sunday to you all

  2. I am enjoying seeing all that you and your children create, they are so fun to see. It is wonderful that you share this with your kids.

  3. they're are so delightful sketches/drawings and a great idea for story with the ballerina shoes

  4. I have goose bumps down my arms and legs. I feel incredibly blessed that you are not only participating but that you do this with your children each week....and you pick themes! Wow! Thank you for being a part of this weekly co-op. Hugs!

  5. I love these sketches!
    I'd love to share this with my niece too perhaps I'll ask her!
    I love the shoe too.

  6. they are so beautiful lenora!!! a great bravo to you and your children!

  7. T got up and did his S Sketch first thing - he wasn't going to have his missed! The altered shoe is not even half finished, but when it is we will post it :-) L.

  8. Wow so much work!! I love all your sketches, from the cute ballerina to the shoes, and how wonderful that you are making your own real altered shoe! Fantastic work. I think next week I should get my son to participate too it's so nice to see your little ones work too!!!!

  9. You all are so talented and creative! I love the altered pointe shoe...I have always been fond of ballet and dance art, so I must say I adore each and every one of these pieces. There is something so wonderful about dancers in art...the en pointe is right on with the muscle tone in the leg, too! Ha - very good!!
    keep on dancin'!!!

  10. such a wonderful theme. I love that you are taking turns choosing. I love dance and each piece is so wonderful! And how wonderful that you are making a shoe so lovely artful!

  11. oh what a feast for the eyes!!! wonderful artwork and photos!!! love everything about ballet!!!


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