Sunday, May 9, 2010

Musings of a Faerie Matriarch

Renewal L Moore (c) 2010
- yes she has a story, but that is for another day..

Faeries, Sunday sketches and Mother's Day! Time to question my choices. Was it such a good idea to give up my regular 9-5 so I could be home to raise my heirs? So i could (maybe - i mean really, admit it, is this stuff actually in our control at all? - who do i think i am? overachiever that's for sure) creatively raise my children myself - the way i wanted; with calm (LOL) and reverence, respect, creativity and hard work.

A Gift to the World detail by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010
C says "yes, she is pregnant!"

So i could really guide them in cultivating their academic, artistic, physical and spiritual gifts? So i could take the time and do it right, be part of the process, nurture, support; actually hear my children, listen, be at the breakfast table with them, surround them with a beautiful environment. So when the time comes, my husband and i have successors deserving of our amassed fortune! So the world will be a better place.

A Gift to the World by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

Ok, it hasn't been that simple, or that calm but our children are happy, hard working, amazingly bright, creative, talented (probably yours are too) and actually, the credit is all theirs - i have learned more from them than they from me - and the fun is all mine!

Acorn Fairy by T Moore age 12 (c) 2010

Yup, the right choice - absolutely!

Oooooh and look what i found in the art room from 5 years ago today, painted by our then 5 year old - its titled Happy Mother's Day but if should be called Joy!

Happy Mother's Day by C Moore age 5 (c)2005!

Friends, mothers, artists of the world unite!

Happy Mother's Day my lovely friends!


  1. all wonderful sketches especially the second with the flowing hair

  2. Lovely sketches by all of you! Happy Mother's Day!

  3. each sketch and art piece is wonderful, plus this was a fun post which inspired a smile on my face. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. All so individual and so beautiful! You will never regret taking the time with your beauties! Going to work and missing all of this would have been the sacrifice!

    Happy Mother's Day!


  5. Sharing your family's wonderful creations on Mothers' Day - how perfect!!

  6. Your sketch is lovely. I love what appears to be little colored stones around the wings. I adore it! :) And as always, adore your children's sketches as well.

    Happy Mother's Day to you!!

  7. Thanx Sophia the sketch is actually of a felted doll i made for a friend and also a felting workshop i have taught over the years. The stones, are beads. She is a milagro (the felted version) I will post her story.


  8. Beautiful Lenora. Happy Mothers Day to you too.

  9. Happy Mother's Day to you, too! I indulged myself in the opportunity to visit your website - I don't often have time for such luxuries! ~It's beautiful

  10. Ditto to you too :-)

  11. Hi Lenora!

    Happy Mother's Day to you too! Beautiful sketches! I love the ones you and your children made of Frida. I am also not a big fan or her style but love her story and courage.

    Enjoy this special day!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Thanx 4 sharing this with us!
    Luv j

  13. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to you, too!

  14. Lovely sketches by all of you, Fun post that made me smile, you will never regret the time spent with your children, nor will they.

  15. hi friends! your sketches are fantastic!!! i love the fairy, and the pregnant woman(she reminds of myself 3 years ago), and of course the cute elf!!!
    thanks for the comment on my sketches! and...YES i like too my witches'big nose!!!!

  16. Lovely post. What could be better than spending time with our children...they do teach us so very much, don't wonderful to hear how much you enjoy your children, I feel the same! (most of the I hope you had a Happy Mother's day, and I think it's great they draw along with you! - Heather

  17. cute sketches! i'm glad you are able to spend time with your children. Enjoy!! and happy mothers day!

  18. oh how wonderful...I love every one of these pieces!!!

  19. Lenora,, what a beautiful blog, Same to you darling, Happy Mother's Day.......H


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