Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Mind's Eye

Eyes, Vision, Insight..

Here are our Sunday Sketches! Using quick, on the spot imagery we have each created a sensory exercise describing the eye visually and in verse.


contrast, shadow, line,
dark and light
colour's triumphant trumpet,
spectacular sunset, early bright

by L Moore


I open my eyes, so i can see
the beautiful world
that is before me

by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010


Without our eyes, we could not see
the delicate flower, the resplendent tree.
So let us remember and not forget
our eyes may be the best things yet.

by T Moore age 12 (c) 2010

What is this? my son has taken two photos of his sketch and made an anaglyph image. Put on your 3D glasses (the ones that are red and blue) and check it out!

Enjoy! L C and T

- for those who asked, I have post the story behind last weeks little fairy Renewal (check out So Here's Her Story, Wednesday, May 12).

Have a great week my friends!


  1. well,i'm speechless! your children-and you of course- are excellent artists! all the sketches are just beautiful!
    have a really nice week!

  2. You guys are so darn talented! I really look forward to your sketches every sunday. Great job all of you and the 3-D is super!


  3. I love each and every sketch, wonderful, if only I had some glasses to look at this wonderful idea!

  4. Tammie - My son says you can make your own glasses - you just need two colours of cellophane; cyan (blue) for the right lens and red for the left lens, then cut a glasses shape from cardboard and tape lens cello on; or he says use felt pens to colour some plastic wrap of some kind the same way - now there's a project :-)

    Noteworthy since we have Greek guests, Cyan (pronounced /ˈsaɪæn/; from Greek: κύανoς (transliterated: kýanos), meaning "blue.


  5. These! they are all so uniquely lucky are you to have such talented children!!! great work, again.

  6. The eyes are wonderful and the poetry is amazing. You and your children are so talented. I could not see the 3d and I am not home but will make some shades when I get home and come back to take a peek.

  7. It must be so fun to create with your kids and they are as talented as their mother! Nice work everyone!

  8. I like your sketch theme this week. I really want to learn how to draw eyes better. I've strugled with eyes and hands for some time now! :)

    Happy SS!!

  9. Great eyes!! I love drawing eyes too it's my favourite part of the face, what a talented family you have. I love getting my boys involved in art too and hope that they always enjoy it with me. Lovely work everyone!!

  10. WOW – I am speechless, Lenora. You are doing such an outstanding job of raising the children and preparing them for life.
    … mom


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