Sunday, June 6, 2010

Here Come the Teens

Cupcake by C Moore age 10 (c) 2010

It's official we have our first Tween!

Only my daughter and I managed a Sunday Sketch, and barely
- it must be June!

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Star Baby by L Moore



  1. They are great, love the cupcake.

  2. wow! i love all these happy and cheerful sketces!!!

  3. These are lovely - very full of movement - would love to see the bottom ones painted. Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog by the way!! I look forward to seeing your ballet sketches!! Sarah

  4. I like the dancing star or is that a dancing boy?

  5. Happy Birthday to your tween!
    Such sweet sketches in celebration!

  6. Happy Birthday to your teen! The sketches are wonderful. I love the dancing boy!

  7. Happy Birthday Tyler! It seems like only a few years ago (not 13!) that you and Noah were babies together. Now you're teenagers!!!! (Well, Noah still has 2 weeks to go...) I hope you have fun being 13 and take good care of your mum. xoxoHillary

  8. These sketches are great-so full of life! :) The colors on the cupcake are wonderful. Happy Birthday to the new tween! :) ~Lauren

  9. These are sooo sweet. The cupcake looks like it belongs on a custom card. I like the star baby too - great ideas!


  10. Happy Birthday Tyler!

    Your teenage years are a special and exciting time. Enjoy and celebrate all of them!

    Love Nana

  11. Happy Birthday Tyler - we hope that you have a special day celebrating the beginning of your teenage years!!!!
    Love from Viviane, Ken and Chanelle

  12. Happy Happy Birthday!! :)

    Adore the cupcake! Seems like everyone had a crazy/bad week last week. Not that it's a good thing, but so glad that I wasn't alone! hahaha

    Happy Sunday to you and your family! Hugs!

  13. Lissa, yes it is both a dancing star and dancing boy. I think I will use this to illustrate one of my stories, that is where the idea is from, but also my son loves this type of thing and it is his birthday!

  14. Hi!
    Happy birthday!!!! I am loving the cupcake with sprinkles and balloons, nothing like a cupcake to brighten the day!
    Take care - YES, June is always nuts when you have children! Enjoy - Heather

  15. Tylie: happy birthday "carino" (Spanish for 'darling'). You are a very special boy, so sweet, friendly and loving. We love you very much and believe the stars and the moon always light up your path. We know this because you brighten our day whenever we are with you.
    Lots of love always. William, Deb and Rhod XXXOOO


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