Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Knot

The Knot

blue dinghies bouncing on steel gray waves
olive leaves, silver green
dusty, worn white, lime washed peeling walls
laughter, warm sea-salted breeze
emotions entangled, forever in knots

ginger curls bobbing on a sunburnt breeze
tanned skin, golden bronze
powdery soft, blue cotton washed vest
peach blush, lascivious smile
ferocious desire, heart tied in knots

Knots usually remind me of strength, of security, of love. The first visual that came to mind this morning was the place and circumstance of meeting my husband, and that is a wonderful way to start the day!

prompt: knot

This is a great exercise in promptly putting a thought to paper, based on a word and what it may stir in ones thoughts. There's more at Theme Thursday.


  1. You really brought the image of courtship home. I loved "lascivious smile, ferocious desire."

    Were these pics taken by you? Love them, most especially the last that a church? That pic in itself I would enlarge and frame on a wall. I love structures such as those....

  2. my photos, Crete 1995, yes its a simple church, - Thanx!


  3. Beautiful pics and beautiful words. I think I need to go there! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  4. oops, my photos are 1985 not 1995!

  5. love the words and pictures leading up to 'tying the knot' - and I agree, that last photo is quite striking, the church, the tree in the left foreground, the sky...

  6. When I read your first verse, I was immediately transported back to olive scented sea breezes of my eight months in Malta. My heart tied in knots, indeed. Just beautiful.

  7. This looks like Italy. I think I need to go there too! I too like the church. And the color in the first photo.

  8. Emotional knots that bind forever. Lovely


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