Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Enormous Turnip

Thanksgiving Turkey by C Moore age 10

I do not have a Sunday sketch ready, but my daughter and my son just handed me their Thanksgiving Turkeys so I have scooted to post them! Our Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend; tomorrow is the holiday and today we will have our turkey feast!

Turkey of Plenty by T Moore age 13

from my daughter's 7 Year Wonder Book,
by the elvin folk who often visit!

The three of us also decided, to post this wonderful autumn sketch and poem left for us by the elvin folk in our daughter's Seven Year Old Wonder Book - a book we will love to share in future.. This sketch and poem depict the autumn story of a very large turnip and how it took a whole family of friends working together to pull it from the ground - it is an old Russian tale, perfect for reading by the fire, you may remember one of its many versions from your childhood!

from my daughter's 7 Year Wonder Book

We also have a fabulous Graveyard prepared for our Halloween Party this week - October 16th, hosted by Vanessa at A Fanciful Twist and linked to the Harrington Manor Halloween Event at Sohia's Blue Chair Diary! We are so excited, so grab your black cat, hop on your broom, or turn your pumpkin into a coach and be sure to join us for that next Saturday!!

To see the other contributions to Sunday Sketches, click here! Sophia you must be a busy lady this week! Many thanks as always for being our wonderful hostess!


  1. Hello to all - This is an adorable sketch. what a great idea, everyone working together! We are having a fire pit later today, I will have to look for that story!

  2. Heather here are a couple of links to retellings of the Russian tale of the Giant Turnip. In our version, a chapter in Isabel Wyatt's, Seven-Year-Old-Wonder Book, the characters are slightly different; a child, a lion, a bear, a fox, a rabbit and a mouse to match the child and his stuffed animals in Wyatt's wonderful tale. I truly must post about this book and its magic soon - right after Halloween - there is a magical way to read this book to children that I simply must throw out there! I will share this soon - I promise!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. I didn't realised you celebrated this in Canada. Well, you learn something new everyday eh? I could just eat a big roast turkey right now. Is there any room at your table??

    Loving that turkey picture up top. What a bird!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving - enjoy your feast :)

    Great post... You have me sooo curious about the "wonder book" you keep mentioning - I can't wait to see it!


  5. wonderful how you are all so festive right now. I love all the art and the magically wonderful poem.

    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

    If you ever find the poem you mentioned, I would love to read it~

  6. ha. these are the penny turkey...and elvin people come to cool is that...

  7. I love it when families create together. This was such a fun post to read through. I look forward to following more of your work.

  8. Now there's a creative turkey! Typewriters, coin, what else will he paint with?

  9. The kids do such great work, love the turkey's and have a fabulous holiday.

  10. HAPPY THANkSGIVING! All the art is so inspired! Love the penny turkey! Hope yours comes out a nice glden copper colour!

    ...back to basting mine...

  11. cute drawings and the penny turkey is quite creative

  12. your kids are very creative! Love the tail of the turkey!

  13. Thanks for sharing your children's Turkey Day art. I love it and it is so inspiring. Hope you all have a nice week. :)

  14. I've never heard the turnip story but it sounds like a good one, and your kids sketches are sooo cute!

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