Sunday, October 3, 2010


It looks a bit like an early Christmas but that is not the intention.. continuing with the fall cycle of festivals, days of longer darkness and shorter light, the children and I have been considering Angels and Guardians. What that means to various cultures and more importantly how we can best use these stories for ourselves. Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Djwhal Khul an eclectic group living happily side by side, the feast of the Guardian Angel yesterday (Oct 2nd). Ancient wisdom. What wonders we find in the plethora of mythologies!

Guardian Angel by C Moore age 10

Angele Dei,
qui custos es mei
me, tibi commissium pietate superna
illumina, custodi
rege et guberna

Michael by T Moore age 13

sketch plan for guardian a multimedia

This one has a wee story. Six years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer and going through surgeries and decision making as to treatments, I felt a strong presence many times of someone watching over me - it gave me strength and I always new that one day this would all be a story and I would be fine. Much of this was due to the people who surrounded me, carried me, did amazing things for myself and my family, and to them I am forever in debt, however the synchronicity was uncanny. My father had dreams of his grandmother, my great grandma; he found them disconcertingly real. The message in his dreams from grandma was always that I would be well. At school a teacher and healer told me I had an old soul watching over me, basically hanging around. The skeptic in me shuddered, my heart felt peace.


My father gave me a tiny photo of great grandma when she was a young woman and mother. I used this photo to create Guardian, as a card for a friend as she goes through the roller coaster of cancer treatment.

I have a question for you all - should I pencil line the image to bring her all together, or leave her as is?


  1. Love those sketches, TY for dropping by and sharing The wand magic Pyewacketts, Linda :)

  2. Lenora,

    She is just beautiful and I believe she was there for you when you needed her, and that she still watches over you. So glad you are doing well now!!!

    Love the children's work as well - oh talented family.

    I could see an outline of the angel in a similar colored ink (looks like maybe fuscia) or dotting detail around the edge of the angel...

    Just some ideas.

    Thanks for you visit and so glad I did not miss this!

    Smiles and hugs to you all

  3. What a wonderful card to give to your friend... It is a beautiful story behind your grandmother guardian angel - thank you so much for sharing it... such inspiration :)

    I love her the way she is. If you'd like an outline I was also thinking of a rose colored line - my original thought was rose colored pencil around her body wings and crown with a gray line around the face... I think Julia's suggestion of a dotted detail is very cool also.


  4. What great guardian angels and such a story! So glad for your happy ending.

    I think she would be nice highlighted with a sharpie and agree w Kristin and Julia that the strong pink/rose/fuschia would be especially nice, picking up the colours you've used in the collage.

    Good luck to your friend!

  5. What lovely sketches and a beautiful card! Such a beautiful story too, I am glad that you had someone watching over you and that you are well now :) I think the card looks perfect the way she is, but I'm sure that if you outlined her it would be lovely too :) ~Lauren

  6. That is a beautiful and meaningful Card, Lenora. Angels watch over us all! A littele oulining will do great but still I like it the way it is! Have a Happy Monday!!

  7. So wonderful to read such a positive story. I'm not sure I would change the card. Glad she is watching over you!

  8. Congratulations on being a cancer survivor. I had no idea. and second, I admire your courage, strength and determination, what a great mother you must be.

    Now, this is just an amazing story. I think your friend will receive one of the greatest gifts with this "guardian angel" card. WOW, what a wonderful idea, to create this card. I do believe we all have angels watching over us.I think the card is perfect as, is, too!

    ps. i love seeing the talent of your kids, too! Do they take art lessons, or are you their teacher? i know how they must love posting to your blog. Great job, kids!

  9. Hey hey...looks like we were on the same wavelength this week as far as angels. :) I enjoyed your sketches and always look forward to seeing what theme you and your children come up with each week. Hugs!!! :)

  10. Lenora, you must be a person full of strength!! I do believe in angels and i think your friend will be encouraged by receiving the card "guardian angel".

    My opinion is to leave the photo of your great grandma as it is and not pencil line it.

    I do like the schetches you all did!!!
    Think positive and have a pieceful week

  11. Thank you all for your supportive comments! I will let you know the cards end result!


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