Thursday, October 7, 2010

Game Over

Game Over

he lay there,

teeth barred, body twitching

eyes fierce, already fading

"mommy, I see long whiskers on the counter, it's smiling - I think its a rat.."

gums rolled back in a wicked sneer

more like a rabbit - the rat was huge!

a mystery, where did he come from? he looked like he fell..

outrageous - a rat on our kitchen counter

Game over!

written together as therapy :-) by myself and my 10 year old daughter

prompt: game

unfortunately this story is true too!

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  1. True story, ey!?! :) Good to see you participating in TT. I haven't done that in awhile and was just thinking I should get back into it. Great job.

    PS I see you're doing Vanessa's Halloween Party. So am I and you can sign up here to attend mine too...connected to hers. :) hee It's going to be so spooky!

  2. XD that kind of reminds me about me versing with the cockroach in the kitchen too, imagine three against one XDXD~ the newspaper always works =P

  3. Yikes! So big he fell through!
    Interesting hit on TT. -J
    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  4. Oh, seriously gross. Even the description of twitching makes my skin crawl.

  5. Wow - what a riveting visual...

    And its true?... would it make you feel better to know it happened to actress Laura Dern too? - while she was having guests, no less!

  6. Oh my, well I'm glad you were able to get therapy!

  7. Not sure if that is a game I want to play. Big rats...yikes!

  8. congratulations for the game being over. A wonderful thing to share.

  9. Nope no game for me! I'd be out the door in a flash! I am not afraid of spiders but rodents give me the Willy's, or is it Ben's?

  10. A Gourmet Rat! Arghhhhh........!


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