Sunday, August 15, 2010

Pears / Sunday Sketches

Pear by T Moore age 13

Love this! - Santa gifted the children with an antique type writer one year. The type writer had been owned by a author, Santa wrote, and had a handmade clay heart in the case. A story there we are sure. The children still love that type writer. Children of all ages are fascinated when they come over - it is always in use!

My son was not sure if this counted as a sketch by I think so!
Type writer art!

Pears by me - seaside 2 hr water colour course

I was happier with the first than the second - the very basic sketch was then water coloured - I can see that water colour would be a whole lot of fun to explore! Positive space, negative space. Harmony Arts presented a short taster, just 2 hours and my daughter and I signed up, while my son sailed the ocean in our view!

Pears by C Moore age 10

My daughter liked her first better than her second, but I like both!

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have a blissful Sunday! xxxx L


  1. Lenora, they are all quite wonderful and special in their own way. I love watercolor and these are great examples of the fun you can have with it. The typewriter pear is definitely art, I bet the kids do have fun with that old typewriter.

  2. Lenora,
    good morning. First of all, the type writer are is AWESOME! I love it. How cool would that look framed in a kitchen?
    And, your pears are a great examples of how beautiful a simple object can be through the use of watercolor on paper. I actually like them all - simple color on paper.
    sounds like you all are enjoying good family time. The course you took must have been fun!

  3. Lenora,

    Happy Sunday! What a unique wonderful piece of art created with an old typewriter! I love it!
    I like the second pear the best but they are all lovely. I am just barely dipping my feet into watercolor pencils so it's fun to see what everyone else does with this medium.

    Great sharing your families many talents!


  4. I like seeing the various ways that one thing is interpreted - they're all nicely done

  5. Wow, you are one talented family!! :) The typewriter pear is so cool, I never would have thought of that! And I love your and your daughters' pears, you both have a talent for watercolor! Hope you are having a lovely Sunday :) ~Lauren

  6. A great selection! I tried to get my son to join me in some artistic endeavour today but he said he'd rather play lego! I like all the pears - each has its own character (if pears can have such a thing!).

  7. I love the way your son turned words into art! The watercolor paintings are so good and each is so unique!

  8. I absolutely love the typewriter art! :) How cool is that! :D Everyone's pears are quite neat. Love the colours, too.

    Happy SS. Looking forward to more!

  9. I have always loved images of pears and these are gorgeous!! The family jewels(O:


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