Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Family Rhythm

August Family Rhythm
outdoors, camping, biking, sailing, swimming!

If you have not followed this blog before these monthly planning pages lay out a general structure for each month in our home; including a theme and seasonal table, a way to wake, a table candle blessing, a couple of projects and a verse for going to sleep. These are our goals, the follow up varies from great to imperfect but having the plan helps it to happen and helps bring rhythm to our days! We just keep on trying :-)

August Festival / Theme / Seasonal Table

We had to say goodbye to a mom from school this week; cancer, that disease which picks and choose those to take quickly, those to take slowly, those to allow to live on within its grip. Surreal for the community, sadder still for the family, the children involved. I can never make sense of moms taken young, I cannot imagine a reason, a path that makes it ok. I cannot reconcile the children's loss.

But that is not what this entry is about, i am distracted.. our August table will burn a candle for this mom to wish her safe passage wherever she has gone, to remind us that death is part of the circle of life. It will have sunflowers which all mothers like and which bring sunshine and joy with their faces. It will have seed pods because my son has found some beauties!

Wake Up Song
Way up in the sky, the little birds fly,
while down in their nest the little birds rest
with a wing to the left and a wing to the right
the sweet little birdies sleep all through the night,
shhh (quiet), they're sleeping (loud)
the bright sun comes out the birdies awake,
good morning, good morning the little birds say
~ camp

Breakfast Verse
"I help my mother, I sweep the floor, I set the table, I run to the store.
I beat the eggs, sift flour for cake and then we eat the good things we make.
Blessings on our meal today!
~ author unknown to me

Bedtime Song
Train Whistle Blowing to be continued from last month. To be honest we have not had a lot of bedtime singing with the summer routine, camping and traveling and summer laziness; seems there should have been more not less, but there was all but none, and so the children are asking ofr singing at bed and particularly this song.

August Projects
We don't really have specific projects for summer - the goal being to relax the schedule.. however we are still busy, busy with our own projects, I see knitting in one child's hands and lots of reading. We continue Sunday Sketches at Blue Chair Diary with Sophia and gang, check it our here.


  1. wonderful post lenora! sunflowers are my favorite! i feel so optimistic when i look at them...

  2. Sorry to hear of your community's loss. Hope you all have a wonderful month anyway :o)

  3. Thank you Thistle.. yes we are having a wonderful month


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