Friday, August 20, 2010

Bird Art / Sunday Skeches

A bird on the head is worth two in the hand

T Moore Age 13

Birds in a Row; Awesome Birdies by C Moore age 10

Having some fun with doodles and pastels here! Happy Sunday and have a great week! Thanks again Sophia - don't forget to check out the other sketches at Blue Chair Diary

- why don't you join in the fun!


  1. oh how wonderful, each and every one!

  2. Really really cute! I love these little peeps. and so colorful - great series.

    Smiles and have a great sunday!

  3. the birdies. Great colors used here, too!

    Happy Sunday to you ALL!

  4. You have all done a great job, love the colorful series and the bird in the house is wonderful. I also just love the fun twist to the old saying about a bird in the hand. Fun post!

  5. theses are all so good! love the fun phrase on the first one! have a good week!

  6. These are all wonderful, very well done!! :) Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday :) ~Lauren

  7. Absolutely adorable birds. I get so tickled every time I come here to view your art. It definitely inspires me to keep pressing through my art. :)

    Happy Sunday!!

  8. I missed this last week - cute bird drawings, I especially like the third one with all the colors


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