Sunday, July 11, 2010

Royal Sketches and Fabulous Fairies!

Under the genre of the summer "better late than never" - or maybe "it's about time" is more appropriate, here is another post that should have been out ages ago!

Some of the fairies in production at our last
Fairy Milagros Felting Workshop!

My huge apologies to those who have been waiting!

This is some of the artwork produced at our last Milagros, Art Faeries Felting Workshop!

Each fairy has a story - Fabulous, ladies - we had fun!

And now for our Sunday Sketches - this so fun! From Faeries we move to Royalty. .

My daughter has been inspired by some of your sketches so if you see resemblance please be flattered,

she has drawn up her princess, mocked up her painting based on her sketch and then painted it with fabulous result. Bear in mind that she is 10.

My Royalty is a young prince whom I wrote a wee Birthday story for. We used our art work to illustrate the tale and bound the book simply to make a lovely and personal family gift. This is the Prince for whom the story was written - Prince William. I forgot to photo the sketch before it was coloured, but that's ok, it is a simple sketch.

Happy Sunday All!


  1. the felted fairies are wonderful. they are so colorful too! Love the sketches you both drew. Your daughter has an amazing talent for a 10 year old!

  2. Love the fairies, they are so pretty! And I LOVE your daughter's sketch and painting, so lovely and whimsical! I am so pleased and flattered that she is inspired by my girls, it totally made my day!! :) She definitely has her own fabulous style though, and a lot of talent! :) Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday :) ~Lauren

  3. The fairies are beautiful, I bet they were fun to make. I love the sketches. Your daughter is very talented for her age it is great that you encourage your children to explore their talents.

  4. hi my dear lenora and kids!!! i love your sunday sketches!!! always simple and joyful!!!
    but today when i saw your faboulous handmde fairies....what can i say? they are amazing, FANTASTIC!!! i'm so jealous! please please lenora, tell me how can i make one!!!!make us a tutorial!!!!!or just give simple instructions!!!!thanks! have a nice week!!!(you know how much i love fairies!)

  5. How cool are those felt fairies. Love them.
    I also love the idea of the book as a gift... you are raising such talented creative children. They will appreciate their gift from you more and more as they grow!Have a great week!

  6. Lenorita,
    So glad you stopped by. LOVE those fairies. How cute and adorable are those?? :) And each princess is absolutely beautiful. I especially love the one with the polka dots. :D

    Hope your week started off well.

    Much love!! :)

  7. Your fairies are wonderful and i love your daughter's princess!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!

  8. I love the princess and her curly hairs - wonderful in colors as well

  9. Such delight! your daughter is talented and light-hearted in spirit! What a joy! Blessings and thanks for the visit!


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