Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Emerald Forest - Midsummer Dream Party!

The Emerald Forest - A Midsummer's Dream
The Emerald Forest - A Midsummer's Dream
The Emerald Forest - A Midsummer's Dream

"Paint me and ideas will come!" The voice whispered on the wind again, echoing among the soaring trunks, slipping from branch to branch, dallying with the the dappled sunlight!

"We are here, search us out" and there he was - one, no two..
We looked a little closer! Small, green, wise and Yoda-like!

We whipped out our brushes, sketched the features, slopped on the moss colours, captured the image before they retreated once again into the ethereal forest!

Were we dreaming? We have visited that spot many times and only on a mid summer's are we able to see our friends once again.. for dreams are the things that life's dance is made of; each trip across the tight rope a joy, perhaps a means to an end, but always, always, with the right frame of mind and maybe a little luck, a parade of crazy and curious events!
Enjoy the journey for we are already there!

Another dream begins..

Dreaming.. my son's a day dreamer for sure and he has wanted to do a stop motion animation class for a long time; summer freedom, now was the time! Both children participated in my son's little dream and made stop motions all week, modeling clay short films, lego character short films, chess piece short films, sketched short films, painted short films; 24 clicks per second of fun! All paintings, characters and short film by T Moore (age 13) and C Moore (age 10)

Check out the other Midsummer Night's Secret Dreams here! Thanks such to our hostess Kelly of A Stuffed Life! What Fun!

story, paintings, photography, models and stop motion animation
by Outer Planet Deigns, TM (age 13), CM(age 10) and LM (40 something)


  1. Love all the dreams your family had, thanks for sharing :o)

    The Littlest Thistle

  2. What wonderful creatures. You must be special for them to have chosen to appear for you.

    Great stop motion film. We used to do them back in the days of 8mm.

  3. LOVED the Emerald Dance. My sons love making little stop motion movies as well. Only theirs involve battling aliens. You've done a wonderful job helping your children create an enchanting imagination.
    My favorite Yoda Line. 'Just me by my size do you?' Sometimes the children teach us adults the true way to enjoy imagination.

    So glad to meet you at this dream party.


  4. wow!!! what a dreamy party!!!the paintings are wonderful!!!i love it!!!
    believe in magic!!!

  5. Oh my what fun!!!So many wonderful creations to look at and daydream over!!A true inspiration..Thank you for sharing!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  6. Such a fun post and I love your childrens animations :-) Great to meet you :o)

  7. What a wonderful and fun blog! Thanks for your comment in regards to my blog giveaway. I wrote you a little reply on my blog but thought maybe I would also drop you a line here on yours!
    I'll link your blog on mine.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. It looks like your really have a very creative family ! I love the paintings and the movie was great. Did they really make it themselves ?? WOW ! Steven Spielberg can retire ;-)
    I would love to see more in the future.
    Please tell them that they should not stop dreaming and always follow their hearts.

    Best wishes,

  9. Lenorita , I start walking in the paths of emerald forest and I found out the magic rainbow ..... thanks for sharing it with me love Marilise

  10. I've had a wonderful time enjoying all your party treats on this page...the movie was brilliant! What a fun and creative bunch you are!

    And thank you so much for stopping by my site. It's lovely to meet you..I'll come back and visit again!!


  11. Awww this was just wonderful! I remember doing a stop animation film in high school, I loved it. Later it certainly gave me a lot of respect for Entire feature films done that way.

    What wonderful dreams you had, and it's great that your son joined in!

    Thank you so much for being part of the revelry!

    Hugs, Kelly

  12. How brilliant and 'cool'!

    Excellent work!

    ... nana

  13. Oh, I *love* stop motion animation. It lends such an interesting rhythm of movement to a film that you can't replicate with other methods. These are great, especially the dance! I really enjoyed them.

    Surviving Grannie's Guide


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