Friday, July 16, 2010

Handmade Bears / Once in a Blue Moon

We have entered the Once in a Blue Moon blog give away at A Stuffed Life for Kelly's sweet blue mohair teddy bear! Mid summer is fast approaching and we are also joining her Midsummer Night's Dream tomorrow, visit all our dreams using the button on the sidebar!

Handmade teddy bears are a wonderful thing, making them and receiving them; they are warm and provide comfort. My son has made 2 bears, his first, tangerine, when he was 3 was a gift for his dad, his second was for himself!

I have made 3 over the years and much love has gone into each one; in fact each has a love note tucked inside the stuffing! My daughter's, Lady Sarah, is her comrade and

has been for years. My son's bear Joom, still lives upon his pillow

and after making bears for the both the children my husband surprised us all, sulking that one had not been made for him - thus I laboured to bring forth Al Bear also known as Forty when my husband turned that magical age. My daughter who was 6 at the time also made a simple hand stitched bear for dad!

I hope these bears will stay in my children's families for many years to come and bring much joy!

We have a fifth handmade bear that was a gift, she is mine, but I share her often :-) Once in a Blue Moon will find a wonderful home here should we be lucky - we have never had a collectible bear! Happy Friday!

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