Sunday, July 18, 2010

Milagros / Sunday Sketches

We have combined our Sunday Sketches and a gift.. Milagros, or dijes, are religious charms traditionally used for healing and as votive offerings in Mexico and parts of Latina and South America. They are often attached to alters, shrines and sacred objects in places of worship. Blessed Milagros can be bought in churches and from street vendors. I am fascinated by Milagros, and religious folk art in general, and use them in my own art, workshops, and when finding a way to express my support for friends facing the challenges of the day.

Milagros by C Moore

Our friend Leticia needs positive thoughts, prayers, and healing light sent in her direction as she works through chemotherapy.

Leticia' Milagros by L Moore

This week my daughter and I have sketched heart Milagros then made one from felt, rosettes, beads and tassel, with an an authentic Milagros, the praying woman, attached (bottom 3 photos). We have sent it to our friend and posted it here to be used as an amulet for healing energy and prayer.

Mary by T Moore

My son sketched and made the card (I love this Mary, very folkloric suites the Milagros perfectly I think) and in it I have written "This is our Milagros for you. Our family has each put our prayers in it and send you many more. I will place its image in a space where creative people from all over can send you love and light, support and will, thoughts and prayers; so it can be a talisman, a votive. We can carry you and you can put all your energy into Healing."

Many thanks for your thoughts , prayers, healing light and visualization sent in Leticia's direction.

To our health! May we carry and be carried as necessary!

Much Love, Lenora.


  1. beautiful work and how lovely that you have done this for your friend, I will add my positive thoughts and energy to her healing.

  2. wonderful drawings and I will be praying for your friend. she is blessed to have you!

  3. I've learned something new and I love the artwork. 'L' is going to be a very talented artist someday.

    Will keep your friend in my prayers.

  4. All so very wonderful, made more so because of the sentiment attached to them. Your kids are really just amazing artists! I am blown away every week with how wonderful their work is.

    Healing smiles...

  5. Best wishes for renewed health for Leticia.

    I learned so much from your post. I thought that "Milagros" was the name of a tequila and the restaurant here is named after the tequila! 'I guess not.

    Lovely milagros!

  6. These are all so lovely and a really beautiful gesture to your friend, I am sending my positive thoughts her way! ~Lauren

  7. Sending much positive energy!

  8. Thannk you very much,meeting you has been a pleasure

  9. Hi Lenora,
    You really have to be one of the most inspiring people out here in the blog world. I was just sharing with my bf this morning how you don't just DO art, but you do it with your children; teaching them as you go along. I don't know why, but it really blesses me seeing you do that. I'm sure part of it comes from the fact that I really didn't have a great childhood and seeing you interact so positively with your children touches me and reminds me that there really are good parents out there. Bless you!!!

    Happy Tuesday! Hugs! :)

  10. I will take a moment and send positive thoughts for your friend. This is lovely

  11. Dear Lenora,

    Today Vero came to see me and gave me the Milagro. I can see all the love you have put into it. What impresses me the most is how your children are involved in doing this. Please tell Tyler I like the card very much.

    You made my day and Iam learning so much from you. May God bless you and your family.
    Please send me a photo of yourself, I would like to meet one of my angels.

    Vero has also showed me your blog and thank you very much for sending this out to as many people as possible.

    I won't forget that every cell of my being vibrates with the renewing life of God and that I am healed.

    From my heart to yours,


  12. Lenora, we are praying for your friend!

  13. I am sending white light and healing

  14. Dear Leticia,
    So many people praying and willing you to get better it could not possibly go wrong. We love you.

  15. Leticia,
    Not only do we send our thoughts and prayers to help, but we mean them with all our heart. You are a light to many in this world,

  16. We are sending powerful healing thoughts. May peace be with you.


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