Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday Sketches and Mad Hatter Parties

Good morning sketchers! Yesterday was our Mad Tea Party and we wrote a wee fairy tale collaborative; there were the 3 of us and 3 additional guest artists ages 9 to 12 who helped out with the story line and the art. Check it out in our last post. Today's sketches are from our tea party and in chalk and on the driveway - what fun!

We will also show you the teacher's gift tiles the children made using one of their past Sunday Sketches.. Enjoy our Sunday Sketches and thanks again to our host Sophie!

Cheshire Driveway Cat by T Moore age 13

Outer Planet Designs collaborative by TM CM CM CM & SB ages 9 - 13

Wonderland Castle by TM CM CM CM & SB ages 9 - 13

Children's June projects (see what we've done with some of our sketches!)

1 Teacher Gifts (made cards last month)
2 We joined the Mad Tea Party - yipee, so needed a couple sketches for that - the children sketched and then made chalk murals of their sketches

The children have been working on their monthly project. This month we are making simple teacher's gifts. This is what the children did with one of their Sunday Sketches. First they coloured in a sketch and glued it to a background paper. My son used his Sacred Eyes of Mary Sunday Sketch, from May - we like to get some mileage from our art! 10 photocopies of his sketch, 10 left over tiles, a little playing around and voila, 10 teacher gifts. Here's the instructions for this easy project and tile image transfer.

We had marble tile left over from bathroom renovations but you can buy them at any hardware supply Rona, Home Depot etc. You will see through the light parts of the image so pick the tile colour knowing this.

Wash the tile with soapy water. Let fry completely. Sand with sandpaper and wash again. Dry thoroughly. The washing is important to successful image transfer.

Photocopy an image - the children coloured one of their Sunday Sketches, we like to use our own art for gifts - with a colour laser printer, Staples has one if you don't. Ink jet does not work as well. Cut or tear image - ruffled edges look good as do rounded or torn coners rather than completely square.

Apply a layer of Mod Podge Mat Sealer; Wallmart sells it in the sewing / art section.

While wet place image face down and let dry for twelve hours - yes overnight!

Lightly wet tile and image under tap and gently rub off the paper. Do this gently and in a couple steps so most of the image adheres, but continue until the paper if gone. Let dry and remove any residual paper fiber with water. Seal with a 2nd layer of Mod Podge or other sealer. Rest tile in a small easle from an art supply store or on coffee table or drill hole and hang on wall. Very effective. Take this a step further and use crackle paint to age!

Originally we only had one June project, but then just last week we looked into Vanessa Valensia's Mad Tea Party button on Elena's sight and thought - ohhhhh, we have to do this!! Pretty late to start "We're late, we're late" as Alice said, but better late than never, we love having tea parties! So we invited over a few kids, ate, played, drank tea, played, came up with some fairy tale ideas, played, did some artwork on the driveway, did I say drank tea, ate cake, played some more, played with the camera and we put it all together for our own version of the Mad Tea Party 2010! Please do take a look! What a great idea! What a hoot! Coming in last minute was the best way, no stress, it was what it was and we worked with what we had! And we did our Sunday Sketches to boot!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Lovely art and your tea party was fun thank you!

  2. such a wonderful post, so much fun going on in your lives. Thanks for the lesson, someday.... i may have to try this.

  3. what a great project for the kids (and you!) and love the chalk drawings. They're so colorful and fun!

  4. Love all of this outpouring of creativity! Great tutorial too.

    Smiles and happy Sunday!

  5. What fantastic pictures! Let me say thanks so much for your kind comment and invitation. The Mad Hatter parties are amazing that people have done, such a lot of talent here! Thankyou for asking me :) xx

  6. I realy like that you have so much fun with your children/family with the weekly art co-op. And those sidewalk chalk drawings ROCK!!! Seriously! :)

    Happy SS.

  7. Amazing drawings.. and made on the driveway.. wow.. awesome!! Your family is very creative!!

  8. Oh I love the artwork, you and the kids are amazing. What fun it must have been to do. Very creative.


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