Saturday, February 19, 2011

OHOW Heartfelt Poem

Coat Rack T Moore age 13

Baby Meerkat C Moore age 11

Life for Agnes was somehow a little more free,
when the men were away frighting the Crusades..

We also wanted to show you what we used some of our Sunday Sketches for last week!
My daughter and I created a little poem about the circle and cycle of love and used some of our sketches to illustrate it for One Heart One World.

One heart, one world

one world, one child

one child, one smile

one smile, one wish

one wish, one star

one star, one kiss

one kiss, one frog

one frog, one prince

one prince, one love

one love, one key

one key, one heart

one heart, one world

Our OHOW journal was won by Beth P of New Hampshire!
Now Beth can fill the journal with her own daily musings!

Thanks again, Sophia of Sunday Sketches
for hosting this creative group!

And our week of awesome things for the Brave Girls Club:

Sunshine is awesome!

Sport, health and physical well-being are awesome!

Happy Sunday!!


  1. so much treasure in this post. All your arts are lovely to see. Your book and poem is a delight and a treasure too!

  2. Fabulous post. Love all of the art pieces, simply special! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. This is wonderful...and so great you and your daughter did some of it together..

  4. I just love seeing you blog every week with everyone in your family is involved. Wonderful!

  5. Lovely things. Beth won my prize too!! Lucky lady. I love that journal. I would have found it very hard to part with.
    Meerkats are so cute. We have a wonderful series of adverts here in the UK featuring talking meerkats. They are fed up with 'peoples' getting mixed up their website and a website for car insurance They are so funny.

  6. Sunshine is awesome... and so is your One World One Heart journal! (Beth is a lucky lady, indeed).


  7. The sketches are just awesome and the journal is so lovely, you did a wonderful job.

  8. Aww, the baby meerkat sketch is so cute!! ^.^

    And wow, what a lovely OHOW journal you and your daughter created together.

  9. Your OHWOH journal is super! Beth is lucky. :) And love your sketches this week. That meerkat is adorable!

    Happy SS! =)

  10. This is just awesome!!! You guys did an incredible job with these pages. Congrats to the lucky winner of this custom journal. I just enjoy your family soooo much!!!


  11. What great family creations this week!!!

    Beautiful OWOH book, what excellent phrases and images you added!

    The baby meerkat is fabulous C and a great job on the coat rack T.

    I guess Agnes is yours, Lenora? LOL - this is super! Amazing to see the um delight? in a statue type body! Love it!!

  12. great sketches and cool journal

  13. Please tell the artist of the meerkat that I love it so so so much!

  14. love all the beautiful sketches including the one heart one world ones!

  15. WOW, that journal is amazing, i agree with lisa, i would have a hard time saying goodbye to that one. especially love the one heart pic and the one heart one child...
    and of course, what an ADORABLE meerkat....too cute. (my kids love it, too...he he he)
    enjoy your family sunday!

  16. Great sketches and I love the meerkat!

  17. The journal turned out so nice! I would have a hard time giving it away. The sketches you and the kids did turned out great too! xoxo

  18. You and your daughter did a lovely job on that journal. Beth is very lucky. I like the coat rack drawing, made me smile and the baby meerkat one is adorable!

  19. What a fun post to scroll through and read. Love that your daughter gets involved as well. The frogs in the heart journal were my favorite.

  20. Hi, I absolutely love - One child, one smile! It's my favorite! :)


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