Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bananas & Beanie Hats

Pippi gets a hair cut and new earrings

This is the beginnings of a quick sketch I did while attending the children's piano practice - such a wonderful time to sketch, a cozy room, beautiful music! I will get back to work on her soon. My daughter, an avid Pippi fan, does not like the idea that this could be Pippi, perhaps growing up.. she is not happy with the missing braids.

Banana by T Moore age 13

This has been a challenging week, trying to meet the individual needs of a family with four distinct personalities - today I cannot even fathom having 3 or 4 children as I once imagined :-) But, with that said, I can honestly say for the Brave Girls Club, that today

Compromise is awesome!

Beanie Hat Flying Machine by C Moore age 11

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Many thanks to Sophie at BlueChairDiary
where you can have a look at more sketches!


  1. Hello! I wondered what happened to last week's sketch. Hee :) Good to see you and your fam back to sketching - always a blessing to me and ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and in my heart. :)

    Happy SS!

  2. Love all of your work, Pippi is growing up quite nicely. I am in awe of the kids talent it is so good that you encourage them.

  3. Sounds like a heavenly way to spend time. Listening to your children practice the piano and nice.
    We all have to let go of the braids sometimes! he he he. I wore braids from 1st - 4th grade...back in the day. so i can relate to your pippi wanting to grow up a bit!
    nice banana, too!!!
    I agree with marlene, it's so great how you encourage your kids with their art. hope you have a great sunday!

  4. love all three sketches, nice haircut, banana still life and the beanie hat flying machine is so original, lol.

  5. cute sketches this week! I really love your red journal too for the contest, so I'll be leaving a comment there too!

  6. I enjoy you Pippi sketch w/o the braids, I'm a Pippi fan myself. That is a very nice banana drawing also, he did a great job! and I kinda want a beanie hat flying machine!

  7. Get me one of those helicopter hats!!

  8. I am all about the flying hat!!!!!!!!!1
    cheers. dana

  9. These are great sketches. I think I do not want to think about pipi without her braids either...I just love Pipi! Love the flying hat too and great job on the banana! Good luck with the coming week. I sure can relate, must be a bad week for personality clashes, cause we had them here too!!!


  10. so lovely to see your families drawings!! wishing you a week that feels wonderful to you!

  11. I too love drawing in random and sundry places. Piano practice sound like the perfect form of inspiration. I love Pippi's pert little nose.

  12. That really sounds like an opportune time and place to get some sketching in! Pippi is off to a good start.

  13. It is so inspiring seeing the work from all of you, sharing such a beautiful moment as in when you are creating art.

  14. Yes kids can be quite particular about things :)
    The sketches are absolutely lovely!!


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