Thursday, February 17, 2011

One Heart One World WInner

And the winner is...

so we had to replace the over flowing magic bowl
with a magic hamper!

Thank you all for the lovely comments - this sure was fun!

drum roll please..

I always wanted to use these gloves again - they are from my wedding a long time ago!

Congratulations to Beth P of New Hampshire!

I have updated the journal photos below and will post the whole journal in a couple of days so that those who did not win can have a peak at the whole thing - Beth you may not want to look - you may want to keep it a surprise!

Again thanks to everyone - this was sooo great!
I really enjoyed visiting around the world!
Special thanks to Lisa of One Heart One World
our hostess with the mostest!

We'll be here next year fore sure!

One Heart One World!! Love it!!


  1. Hi Lenora, as per your first email you said to eithere email you or leave a comment on your blog. I emailed you my mailing address this morning. I am not comfortable with putting my mailing address out on a blog - I hope you understand. I am really excited to have won your door prize, I will email you my mailing address again.
    Thanks again for having such a great drawing! Oh, and I love the gloves, very classy :D I feel like I am at the Academy Awards (giggle)
    Beth P

  2. Hi Beth - no worries - I got your e-mail!! and i feel the same about putting personal info in comments :-) Have a beautiful weekend - it is sunny and wonderful here - running - L


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