Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Sketches - Frida

This week for Sunday Sketches we did a wee study of Frida Khalo.
I did two sketches, the children did one each..

Frida Kahlo represents so much about women, about people;
about suffering and anger, happiness and fear

Funny, I don't love her art, but I love her story; her rebellion,
her struggle, her strength; that crazy, spiraling sense of self

I love the flowers, and I always seem to draw
her happiness, despite her pain

La caja del tesoro C Moore age 10 (c)2010

T Moore age 12 (c)2010

El amor felix de Frida. El carazon del Frida. La caja del Tesoro.


  1. wonderful, each of these are wonderful. I continue to love that you draw together, it seems like a perfect way to share time and inspiration.

  2. fridas flowers are fabulous!! your children did a nice job, too. aren't they lucky to have you share that special time with them!

  3. Hi Lenora, welcome to SS! Love all the details you put into these lovely sketches of Frida - it's wonderful to share your love of art with your children too, they did a marvelous job!

    Happy SS!

  4. Hi Lenora,

    Great again to see you and your children sharing such talent. I am fascinated by Frida's story too and interestingly enough, I am not very drawn to her art either.

    These are all great!

    Smiles and Happy Sunday

  5. I agree with everyone that it is wonderful that you share art with your children. Your children show so much talent as do you. I do find Frida's story intriguing and feel her pain but I too am not drawn to her art.

  6. lenora, tell your son not to worry at all!!! his beautiful fish will go to fairyland, a place where all the nice creatures live!
    and if he has a photo of his fish send it to me by e-mail or in face book and i'll write a fairy tale about it! it will be dedicated to you and your son!!!

  7. Fantastic! they are all wonderful drawings! Your children are very talented for their ages, and what a lovely thing to do together. This is the sort of thing they will remember fondly when they grow up.
    I love Frida, but some of her art is a bit morbid for me. She made great use of lush colors though.

  8. Wow. These are amazing...I feel the same about her as a woman but not keen on her work. I LOVE works of her though. What an interesting study you've shown...Thank you.
    Have a lovely week Lenora!

  9. I've see her as having connecting eyebrows, though I don't like her art that much, I find them a bit depressing but she has own style and ways & I admire that

    I like seeing the sketches with colors, they have bring out the faces

  10. It's wonderful to see children and their art! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Pink; what a lovely and generous thought.. my son is already more relaxed, calmer, your note brought a smile to his face. He will get you a photo. L

  12. oh so much fun to work on art with children!!! I love this collection...

  13. hi!!i hope your son's smile will be bigger because the story is already written and posted on my blog!!!!


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