Monday, April 5, 2010


Cascarones - As promised here are the simple instructions.

Next time you make scrambled eggs, use a tack to poke a hole in on end of your egg. Chip out a dime size hole. Rinse the egg shell.


Decorate as you please. Dye, paint, glitter, stickers, drawings you've drawn etc.

Fill egg with a large pinch of confetti.

Cut about a foot of paper streamer and roll it into a flower. Twist the role together but leave large flower at the top.

Put white glue around the outside of the hole in the egg and secure the paper flower to cover the hole.

Ta da! Cascarone! Use for birthdays, Easter, any fiesta! Eggs are to broken above, not on (eggshells can be sharp, organic shells are quite hard) someones head and the contents sprinkled on them for good fortune!

April Project 1 complete and delivered to friends!


  1. I would like a dozen or two!

  2. my grandkids are going to love this!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing, dana


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