Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Great Mother (Earth)

Mother Earth by C Moore age 5 (c)2005

Earth Day!

I love getting out in my own little piece of dirt and seeing that while we cocoon away the winter, mother earth just keeps on doing her thing..

drag the family or yourself out of doors!

get your hands in the dirt, pull weeds
plant seeds, tend your veggie garden or start one,
a planter garden works
herbs are easy in a terracotta pot
get out in the sunshine,
or a walk in the woods on a rainy day works too
go to the beach, no matter the weather, collect shells
walk along a river

its way to easy to spend hours indoors, especially with all our techy entertainment. Oxygen is good for the body and good for the soul, connects us with home, our planet

My Garden

A bee was going 'round and 'round with me
As I drew my garden. He was
Buzzing and spinning, dancing with me
Making me one of his friends

by T Moore, age 3 (C) Earth Day 2001

Happy Earth Day all!

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