Friday, January 14, 2011

Fairies and Sphynxes Sunday Sketches

"She thought a few twirls were just the thing
for such a lovely afternoon!"

The whimsy of a child spinning with abandon,
with that flushed look of pure joy,
inspired this quick sketch the other afternoon..

My daughter and I disagree as to which hairdo suits her best?
What do you think?

My Little Friends by C Moore still age 10 :-)

The beginnings of my Sphynx paper model by T Moore age 13

My son has been inspired to create paper models which are cut out and folded into 3D form, we are excited to see where this is going!

and here's Dad's! Do we know this gentleman?

Happy Sunday Sketching and many thanks to Sophia
at BlueChairDiary who keeps us on track!

Oh yes and a quick question,
What was awesome in your week?

Field trips are awesome!
Birthdays are awesome (C)
Acting, drama, theater, and plays are awesome!
Skiing is awesome (T)
The energy, wonder and enthusiasm of childhood
is so much more than awesome - it is a piece of life's magic!

100 Awesome Things! gratitude corner
hosted by Jeanette at Keep Me In Stitches

Have a Happy Dappy week!


  1. Once again - impressive work by all!!!
    cheers, dana

  2. I love seeing all of your art. I think both hair styles work with your wonderful eyes gal!
    As far as awesome; i had some wonderful conversations with friends this week! Wishing you a lovely Sunday.

  3. I just LOVE coming to your blog to view your family artwork! :) I like both hairstyles, but if I had to pick, I love the 2nd one the best. hee.

    Great job everyone! Happy SS!

  4. Awesome work by all, and it is so much fun to see that Dad is involved as well. As far as the hair I like the second one best as it shows more movement in the hair, but both ways are lovely.

  5. Love to see all the work here, today. Wow, you are all so busy. I love the kids in the uniforms! he he he too cute.
    also love the muscles, there on dad's sketch! such fun, as for awesome things
    fire pits and
    hot cocoa after ice skating with friends
    enjoy your week! xxoo

  6. it's nice that everyone has a different theme!

  7. Love all of them!!! Family Love!!!!

  8. great sketches everyone!!

    What fun to do one of all your friends C!

  9. Wonderful sketches by all! Can't wait to see the sphynx model in its finished form... Have a wonderful week.

  10. A sketch of a fairy!!! BEAUTIFULL!!! Absolutely love it! I wish I could get my boyfriend or someone else to participate with me, you have a house full of TALENT.

  11. I really enjoy the coming to visit your family every is so full of hope and warmth and good stuff! T's 3d models are amazing! The family that draws togethr stays together! What a great mom you are...

  12. These are all wonderful and magical! I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of these, they sure are amazing :)


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